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 StrommoussHeld   @ 03.09.03 
 Magus Noctum   @ 18.05.03 
 Sear Bliss   @ 04.02.03 
 Skyforger   Ljubljana 24.10.02 
 Nile   Vienna 21.12.01 
 Lord Belial   @ 24.05.02 
 Krisiun   Vienna 21.12.01 
 Agathodaimon   Ljubljana 15.03.02 
 Obnounce   Ljubljana 06.03.02 
 Metalsteel   Medvode 01.03.02 
 Forlorn   @ 13.01.02 
 Immolation   Ljubljana 15.05.01 
 Nokturnal Mortum   Kharkov 01.11.01 
 Carpathian Forest   Zagreb 18.10.01 
 Khold   Zagreb 18.10.01 
 Darkthrone   Oslo 14.04.01 
 Borknagar   Oslo 14.04.01 
 Gehenna   Oslo 13.04.01 
 Satyricon   Oslo 13.04.01 
 Dimmu Borgir   Graz 07.04.01 
 Lupus   Ljubljana 12.02.01 
 Sabaium   Ljubljana 17.01.01 
 Dusk Delight   Ljubljana 17.01.01 
 Behemoth   Vienna 15.12.00 
 Immortal   Salzburg 07.12.00 
 Dimmu Borgir   Graz 25.04.99 
 Dark Funeral   Graz 25.04.99 
 Ancient Rites   Graz 21.02.99 
  Interviews - StrommoussHeld

StrommoussHeld is a Dark Industrial Metal band from Poland. I first heard about it when Maelstrom (vocals/guitars) contacted us and asked if we could meet during his visit to Ljubljana. So we met at the statue of Preseren and did a short night tour of Ljubljana, especially of all places that have anything to do with the metal scene. The plan was to do the interview that same night but due to different reasones we latter decided to do it by e-mail.

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