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Questions answered by: Mitja
Interview took place in Ljubljana 12/02/01
Interviewers: Anja & Maja

There were some rumors that the band does no longer exist. What was really going on?

The truth is that I kind of lost contact with Igor, the guitarist and music writer. That is probably why people started to say that the band does not exist anymore and that I lost interest... Though it's true that I was under a strong influence of, for example, the new Ulver material I never lost interest and I did not quit the metal scene.

How did you start the band?

We (Igor and me) used to listen to black metal a lot, bands like Burzum, Ancient, Darkthrone,... That was in 1996. Noctiferia wasn't in that vain at the time and Igor wanted to do a true black metal project. I agreed and that's how we decided to start the whole thing.

How did you pick your name?

We just found it and we both liked it... It has nothing to do with Ulver, even though it means the same.

You and Igor were the only members at that time?

Back then we used other names... Igor wrote all the music, I created just one riff for the old demo. But all the lyrics and vocals are mine. There is no bass on this demo. Igor played synth, guitar and the drums on this demo.

Which bands did effect your music?

From Igor's side that would probably be Ancient, Samael and Mortiis and from my side Darkthrone, Ulver, Arcturus, also Gorgoroth...

You recorded a demo...

There are four songs on the first demo called "The Geniirising", one is written in Slovene language. At first we wanted to make pure black metal in the vain of Darkthrone, Burzum,... with real drums... We were developing the idea for three years. We recorded the demo in 1999 and by that time the music quite changed... We decided not to use the real drums and that was one of the reasons why the music turned out a lot different from what we have imagined in the beginning.

You were supposed to play in/on the concert in K4 once...

Yes, that happened when we wanted to have a drummer... but it didn't work out.

Where did you record?

We recorded in David's (Perun) studio. We named it Leatherthrone studio.

What are you working at the moment?

We already have the music for three new songs, for the new demo... I'm writing lyrics for them right now. This demo will differ a lot from the first one. There will be a strong stress on the electronics... but that's all I know right now. It is possible that we'll have some new members, but the main creating team will still be Igor and me.
I'm not satisfied with the first demo anymore. That is why I don't want to give it to people anymore. Our music has changed a lot, so it is better for people to wait for our new material.

What do you think about the Slovene metal scene?

I don't know it that much... I know Noctiferia, I know about the existence of Scaffold and Godscard... I don't even know what kind of music Godscard play... I know that they are working on something new and that they have changed the line-up because I read it in the newspaper today...

What about the Norwegian scene?

Yes, the Norwegian scene is developing... in many different directions and it is very interesting to follow what is going on with the bands. Many bands go into the electronics... I was very pleasantly surprised by Ulver's album "Marriage of Heaven and Hell" which is absolutely brilliant even though it has nothing to do with metal and also Arcturus with "La Masquerade Infernale"... There is a lot of very good and interesting album creations.

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