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Answers by: David, Vesna, Milko, Aleš
The interview took place in Ljubljana on 17/1/2001
Interviewers: Maja & Anja

We managed to catch Sabaium right before their gig in K4. The questions were answered by the whole band, except for their guitar player who vanished into thin air. I have to say that this was the funniest interview we've ever done (I have never laughed so much during an interview). The guys are really great to hang out with. Anyway, here is the result of our conversation:

You started as a death metal band. When was that?

We were a death metal band till Vesna (keyboards) joined us in 1996, but we started in 1994.

You released your first CD in...

That was in 1999. We were under Italian label Seven Art Production which unfortunately doesn't exist anymore. We have some new material, most of it actually. We were preparing it for a year. We're working on releasing a demo this year and finding a new label.

Where will you record the demo?

Probably at home... on the computer.

What about the music on your new demo?

You will be able to hear it tonight. We'll play new songs mostly... just for our own feelings.

There are still two vocalists, right?

Yes, basically everything is the same.

How would you define your music?

That's a tough question. It is more melodic death metal... the stress is on melodic.

Who writes the lyrics?

David, the vocalist. He's the oldest and the smartest.

The lyrics on your last CD were written in English but on the concerts you performed some of the songs in Slovene...

Yes, that is true. Tonight we'll play a song from our last album in Slovene, also. I think that it is more original in our language. And for our next project... we'll see. If there will be a Slovene label interested in us, then there will be a big possibility for us to do a couple of songs in Slovene. Even if it will be a foreign label... if we'll think that a certain song sounds better in Slovene, then it will be in Slovene. Usually we do both versions, English and Slovene and then we choose the better one.

That means that you have done all the music for the demo already. What about the lyrics?

There are 2 or 3 songs still missing. Usually we do the music first and then we write the lyrics. It usually works like that.

What about your experience with the concerts outside Slovenia?

Some concerts were excellent. Especially in Italy. The concert in Italy was one of the best, actually it was the best. Croatia was ok and Austria... well, there we had some good concerts, some were so-so and a few were so horrible that it would be better if we had stayed at home.

Will you do more concerts in the future?

Yes, I think we will.

Which are your role-models, bands that inspire you or bands you like very much?

Paradise Lost, In Flames, Gorefest, Morbid (he was probably referring to Morbid Angel and not Morbid - ed.),...

Something for the end maybe...

I don't know what to say. You'll probably hear more about us in six months, when we'll try to find a new label and do some quality recordings... and to promote our band across Slovenia. Our next album will be better than the last one, musically... and the production will be better also.

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