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Questions answered by: Duvall
Interview has been done on 18/05/2003 by e-mail
Interviewer: Anja

Slovenian black metal band Magus Noctum hasn't been on the scene for long but it has already managed to achieve a lot. The guys have released a demo "After Many Aeons" in 2001 and a debut "Guardian Of The Desert" in 2003. Beside that they are one of the few Slovenian metal bands known also outside our borders. This interview was done by e-mail a couple of months after their tour with Lord Belial and Forlorn.

Magus Noctum was formed in year 2000. There have been quite some line-up changes in the band since then. You and Div (drummer) are the only two original members. Can you tell me a short summary of your story? Who does your current line-up consist of?

Div, Caurtoth and me formed the band in September 2000, when we first started to rehearse in my (now ex) Night Magick Studio. Simon, the guitarist, joined us soon after that but he left after a couple of months. He was replaced by Varg Gorgoneion. We tried out a few bass players, among them a guy from Russia. I have no idea how we found him. Anyway, later on Caurtoth was replaced by Gorr. We did quite some concerts in that line-up. After the tour Gorr left the band due to personal reasons and David (Varg Gorgoneion) took over the vocals.

Who is in charge of the lyrics and music? Do all of you compose?

We all write music, while I'm mostly in charge of the lyrics.

Where do you usually get the inspiration from?

We get inspiration in different ways. You would have to ask that question to everyone of us. It depends on what you feel at a certain moment, in what kind of mood are you and what is currently happening in your life. While lyrics are usually being formed in rapturous state of mind or on some inner inspiration, if I could call it that.

You are currently working on your new record...

Yes, most of the material is already prepared. The final touches will be done at the studio. We plan to start recording in the Summer or early in the Fall. We haven't decided on the studio yet, but I can already say that this album will differ a lot from the previous one. The sound will be different and the structure of songs also.

Where will this album be released? Through Impaled productions again or have you received a better offer?

It definitely won't be released through Impaled Productions. We don't intend to cooperate with them anymore because they have displayed themselves as a very unreliable label. They don't stick to the agreements so they have caused us a lot of problems.

You've also participated on two compilations...

Actually on one only. I forgot to erase the one from Impaled Productions from our homepage. We have participated on Slovenian Metal vol. 1 with then-yet-unmastered song "Kings of the Desert Dawn".

A few months ago you've been touring with Lord Belial and Forlorn but after a couple of gigs you had to cancel the rest of the tour due to a car crash. What kind of response did you get from German and Italian audience? How did you get along with Forlorn and Lord Belial?

Germany was great. The metalheads in Hamburg had no idea that there exists something called Slovenian metal. Some of them thought we were from Slovakia. We were the first to play and the response was fantastic. The energy and the atmosphere differs a lot from the one here, in Slovenia. The gig in Gunendorf was very well organized. The hall and the stage were really big, but there were only a few people. I guess the reason for that was a three hour delay.

You've played on Od Oluja Mrzitelja Fest in Zagreb, Croatia in December 2003. Were you well accepted by the Croats? What kind of general impression did you get?

We were expecting some arrogance from the Croatian audience because we heard that there are a lot of nationalistically and anti-Slovene orientated people in Croatia. But the concert was quite o.k. One of those concerts that stay in your memory as good concerts. The audience was actually really great.

Do you plan to do any concerts soon? You'll probably start thinking about a new tour after the release of your album?

We won't have any concerts until we complete the new songs and rehearse the old songs with David on vocals. We'll probably appear on stage sometime in the Summer. It's hard to say whether this will be before of after the recording session. After the album will be released, we'll probably do a tour but we're not thinking about it yet.

You have two side-projects, Perun and Corvus. Can you tell me a little bit about them?

Perun is run by David and his girlfriend Jana. I consider their music and sound excellent. Their album "Wolflegion" will probably be released in September. I cannot say anything more. Our other side-project is called Corvus. That's our drummer's project, which is currently "put on ice".

Where can our readers buy your album "Guardian Of The Desert"? What about the demo "After Many Aeons", is it still available?

"After Many Aeons" was sold out shortly after the release, so it's not available anymore. But people can buy "Guardian Of The Desert" through our homepage or they can contact me (my number is also on our website).

You also sell patches with your logo through your website, while T-shirts have already been sold out. When will they be available again?

We are planning to give them in print ourselves shortly. Impaled Productions should have done this a long time ago, but they did not. They also owe us more than a half of our CDs. But we rather focus on our next album and on making music.

Anything you would like to add?

Thank you for the interview.

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