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Questions answered by: Robert and Dejan
Interview took place on 06/03/2002 in Ljubljana
Interview made by: Anja

Tell me something about how you started.

R.: It all started when I went to see a concert in Tivoli with Matjaž. At that time him and Rastko were already in the band and they needed a keyboard player. I was interested so I bought keyboards and I started playing. I remember saying to the guys: "Guys, if this band goes down the drain, I'll hit somebody over his head with these keyboards!" Cause they were really expensive. Anyway, then we played together for about a year but we couldn't find a vocalist. We had some auditions... Two guys were OK but they didn't have enough time to play in a band. Then I decided to give it a shot. We had two songs that were already recorded so all we had to do was to record the vocals. We all liked the results and I became the vocalist. Then we needed a new keyboard player. We found Dejan and I taught him to play all of our songs in just one month. After 5 concerts the drummer and our other guitarist decided to leave. We needed six months to find a new drummer but it was worth it because he is really into the band.
D.: We had about 12 concerts with this new line-up.
R.: And now we decided it was time to record a CD.

Do you rehearse a lot?

R.: We all study so we come home only at weekends. We rehearse on Fridays, Saturdays and even on Sundays if necessary.

Which bands had influenced your music?

R.: That's hard to say. I listen to a lot of bands. Most probably Dimmu Borgir. We listen to different things. Guitarist and bass player listen to old Death Metal and Black Metal. Dejan and I listen to different kinds of metal music. It's hard to say which were the bands that influenced our music. We try not to sound like any band we know. And our songs differ a lot.
D.: That's because they are written by different people. Me and Dejan do one song, guitarist and bassist do the other and we all do the third one.

So you all write the music and lyrics?

R.: I write the lyrics and the music is done by me and Rastko.

You have made some recordings on one of your rehearsals. When do you plan to record a demo CD?

R.: Yes, we made those recordings for the clubs, so they can hear what we sound like. We have recorded a song for a compilation not so long ago. We'll try to find a label and record a demo. If we don't manage to find one, we'll record it on our own. We have enough equipment to do that. We'll try to release the CD in the next few months, then we plan to do about 20 shows. We'll do as much gigs as possible.

Can you tell me your opinion on the Slovenian metal scene.

R.: We have a lot of really good bands like Sabaium, Dusk Delight, Necrosed... The only problem here in Slovenia is that there are not many people at metal concerts so it's almost impossible to organize anything bigger. Metal is still a total underground in Slovenia.

You have played all over Slovenia and in Austria. The audience accepted you real well in Ljubljana. What were the other gigs like?

R.: Those people who see us for the first time are usually pleased. There were only thirty people at the gig in Austria and every third person bought our demo CD.
D.: And there was nobody behind the mix table so we had to do everything ourselves.

What do you think is that key thing which makes a band functional?

D.: I think it's important to get along and to be friends.
R.: We not only play together as a band, we also go out together. Sometimes the problem is financial. If we had enough money, we would already had two or three albums released.

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