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Questions answered by: S. Winter
Interview was done by e-mail
Interview prepared by: Anja & Maja

Your line-up has been changing a lot since the beginning. Can you introduce us to the new line-up and tell us how you got together?

Indeed. It's true that the lineup has been changing a lot throughout Forlorn's history. Many session members have had a foot inside. But we are now a complete band (as of mid 2001) and I really think we found the combination of different people that really go well together. Forlorn is based on the very foundations of the following individuals: Dolgar (vocals/guitar), Hennex (guitar), S. Winter (drums), Iego (synth/electronics) and Vulpes (bass). We are indeed different folks, but it does the trick, hehehe. We got together through friends and acquaintances over a period of four months. Hennex first found me, than came Dolgar, than Vulpes and then finally Iego.

We understand you are on your way to studio to record a new album. Can you give us your opinion on your new material?

Hell YEAH!! March 12th is the day it all begins. The first album together. It will be interesting to see how we'll go along. One month of music, sweating, cursing, drinking and farting haha. We are all looking forward to the event. Recently we recorded two songs in one hellishly loooong Saturday just to check the studio out, and it gave us the result we sought. The new material... Hmmm... Well, half of it is already written and has been performed live three times in November. The fans were according to my eyes extremely pleased with our new stuff. The last half will be written until March and maybe a song or two in the studio (most likely). I think there will be a different "feel" to the last half of the songs... More aggressive maybe, that's my best bet! I'm actually quite anxious to see what we'll come up with...

What's your writing process like when it comes to making music/lyrics?

We have been EXTREMELY democratic in the way we've written music up until now, with composing at rehearsals together. But as of recently we changed the perspective. We agreed that we should all contribute more on a personal level, making music scores at home in our private little ways and then try to combine the different songs from different members. We found the "democratic" way to be way too slow paced, so we need to speed things up since we are pretty close to the deadline for the recording. But we will prevail, as ALWAYS! As for the lyrics, they are mostly written by Dolgar and Hennex, but the rest of us might have an addition or two to contribute before the CD is completed.

How long does it usually take you to prepare all the material and to record an album?

Since this is our first time making music for an album as a band, I really can't say. But for this one we have taken everything with a good Norwegian slow-ass attitude and if I say we spent between six or seven months on this CD, I'm not too far off...

What are your expectations concerning your new album?

Except from pretty high, you mean, hehehehe. Umm, I hope it will do more for the band than any of the other records and that it will promote us as one of the majors in the Norwegian extreme metal business. It will be a great, hard-hitting, in your face album. Not too technical, not too polished. Metal! And honestly I just hope that the fans will be pleased with the new sound of Forlorn. We have changed and like with so many things - NOTHING ever remains the same. I hope people don't expect us to do another Opus III.

Is the new album's title still a secret and if it is, when do you plan to reveal it?

Mwahahahaha... are we evil (yes we are). You'll see the title as soon as you either: 1) buy the CD and look at the cover, 2) visit our webpage after it's released or 3) ask someone that found this information before you. We don't believe in revealing pre-release titles, it's just an idea until it's on print. So, now children - you have to wait. Hehe.

Two of your albums (one was a mini) were released by Head Not Found. Then you switched to Napalm Records, where you'll release your new CD also. Are you satisfied with Napalm Record's work?

We have had a turbulent relationship with Napalm in the past but things are good now. We settled our differences and agreed to work towards the common goal of making and releasing great music. Since Forlorn is still a "small" band on the label we have had some problems getting through our own views to the label management from time to time, but that's in the past. We look ahead nowadays. We still haven't been invited to any of the annual Napalm awards and we don't expect to be either (Max - this is your BIG chance, hahaha). But in all fashion - yes we are satisfied. I can reveal as much as saying that this CD will be the last one out on Napalm Records. I honestly don't think they are interested in singing another contract with us, and that's by all means fair enough, we have fulfilled our end of the bargain after this CD is completed. I'm spreading no rumors but we need a label that can give us better coverage and is able to prioritize us. This is just me mumbling out loud, anyways... only time will reveal what lies ahead inside Camp Forlorn.

You have only recently stepped on the stage. What kind of response did you receive?

The kind that was beyond all belief. We were afraid that the new sound wouldn't be the "appropriate" one for our fans but to our amusement and great discovery we not only made our old fans happy, we gained many new ones in a matter of three short weeks. We are all amazed by this and pleased I must add! It was wonderful to play the split-gig with Tristania, seeing the crowd go wild in front of the stage, only to leave in disappointment when Tristania came on stage and failed to deliver. Another one bites the dust, hehe.

What prevented you from touring before?

Forlorn being a duo, basically. Not enough steady members until now.

I guess we can expect quite some tours in the future since you're a live band now...

Touring will be massive! Our manager is working on plans for tours all the time. Consider Forlorn a LIVE BAND from now on and forget whatever you have known us to do from before.

What have you experienced in the process of recognition in the metal scene since a vast number of new-born bands emerge daily?

Recognition... Errmm, which one??? It's hard to judge, pending the fact that we have not played internationally yet. People do recognize us here at home and that's pretty cool (even to be stopped by someone on the street asking "Hey... aren't you that guy from Forlorn?). Can you please ask me the same question in a year or two? I mean, it seems that many metalfans worldwide have heard the name Forlorn but mostly in respect of the two former CD's, or so it seems. But it's true what you say about new bands popping up everywhere, but ask yourself: how many of these bands will still be here tomorrow???

Hennex used to be a member of a band called 122-Stab Wounds before Forlorn. Does that band still exist?

Last I heard it still existed. But then again; I've heard so many things about that band.

What about the other members of Forlorn... Are they involved in any other projects or bands?

Let's see... Dolgar is a session vocalist for Twin Obscenity and they have also asked me to do some drumming for them, which I will gladly help out with. And then there is a new project that me and Iego are slowly getting into but it's still in it's birth, so nothing is "official" yet. Iego has his own synth-project called "Cognoscenti". But since this is an interview with Forlorn, I'll refrain from giving more details - thus ending the answer here.

I always wanted to know how come you decided to use a picture of Neuschwanstein castle on the cover of "The Crystal Palace"?

* Hennex: The picture was selected simply because of it's fantasy-look and it was a good symbolic picture for TCP. The whole idea of euphoria is based upon dreams and wanting what we don't have. And as such, the Neuschwanstein castle represents the dreams and fortune of mankind. As it did when built by King Ludwig II of Bayern. And to make it even more symbolic, the Neuschwanstein castle is the original castle from where The Disney world's castle is inspired from. Dreams, dreams and more dreams... will we ever achieve them?

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