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We talked to: Iscariah
The interview was made in Salzburg 7/12/2000
Done by: Maja & Anja

Tell me, do you remember anything about Slovenia?

Nice city. It's a very nice city. (I guess he was referring to Ljubljana) It's been quite some time since we've played there. I know that the club was cool.

The stage was small...

Very small. I remember also that the fire effects really burnt my throat because the stage was too small.

So, you're still a permanent member of Enchanted?

Yeah. I've been very busy now with Immortal so I haven't really had time to do anything with Enchanted. But I'm gonna record an album with them next year. I have also a different project. It's called Chaos Logic&Not before because I came into the band three weeks before the European tour and I had quite a hard time... I had three weeks to learn 48 songs on bass, so... I didn't have time. And after that we had like 12 or 13 festivals that year... after that we did the French tour... it's been going on and on all the time, so I actually haven't been able to settle down because I wanted to feel comfortable with the fact that we're playing so much live before I even think about sitting down and making music. But I feel ready for it so... I've been speaking to Abbath and for the next album we're gonna work together.

Yeah, you have a steady line-up now so that reflects in your work as well...

I think so, yeah. I know the limits to what should not be in Immortal. I have quite some material which is too extreme for my other band. There's a pretty good chance I'll put it in Immortal... But I think Abbath is going to have the last word about what's the most appropriate. Yeah, we'll see.

Although Demonaz is not in the band anymore he's still writing the lyrics for the band. How is it gonna be in the future?

We don't know. We take this thing year by year. I mean, he writes good lyrics, it's more like a spiritual man working in a band and all. He also takes care of the economies of the band and he took care of the negotiating part of the deal with Nuclear Blast. We see him as a member still even if he doesn't play.

Did you like the previous tour you've played in the US?

Yes. We've toured with Satyricon, Krisiun and Angel Corpse. We did like 7 or 8 shows in Mexico on our own and L.A.. US is very much different from Europe, you know, it's a lot bigger distances. If you're gonna play every day as we did you're on the road a lot. We had 7 or 8 days to cover all the US and that is not much but we'd love to come back... we have some plans so... we'll see!

How did you like it? The crowd and all?

In the US? I mean, the crowd in the US is the same as in Southern Europe. It's quite wild and it's very much 80's and it's very much into it.

Tell me, are you preparing any new videos?

We're talking to Nuclear Blast to do a video and a DVD also.

A tour video?

No, it's gonna be a full-night show&I like gratinated shrimps and curry. And also&(the first band already started playing and the drums got real loud so our lesson about Norwegian cuisine ended, sadly)

What do you think about Britney Spears?

I don't like her. She's not really my type, no. A bit too much pain for me really... I feel so small... (A.A.Nemtheanga of Primordial came by and Iscariah asked him the same question; Iscariah: Hey, what do you think about B. Spears? Nemtheanga: I like some parts of her...)

What kind of underwear do you wear?

Starwars tanga, always.

How many kids do you hide?

None... as far as I know.

What about those weird phone calls you got?

Oh, they just wanted to get the money.

What do you keep beside your bed?

Beside my bed? Since I don't have actually a wardrobe, you know, to keep my clothes in it's a pile of T-shirts and a waking clock and about 800 condoms.

Do you have a totem... a lucky charm or something?

You mean like a spiritual guard? No, I don't need it. I can take care of myself.

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