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Questions answered by: Andras
Interview has been done on 04/02/2003 by e-mail
Interviewer: Anja

I wanted to do this interview in October 2002 when Sear Bliss were on tour with Grief Of Emerald, Bestial Mockery, Obtest and Skyforger but unfortunately that wasn't possible because Sear Bliss were forced to cancel a couple of tour dates and they didn't play in Ljubljana. I had all the questions ready so I decided to contact the band and ask them to do the interview via e-mail. Andras liked the idea so...

First I would like to ask you something about the name of your band. Why Sear Bliss?

I have always been interested in poetry. I found the phrase "sear bliss" in one of the poems of Charles Baudleaire. I really like his art and I thought it would be a good band name as I was sick of so many average bandnames at that time.

Now, I know you get asked this a lot, but since I noticed that not many people in Slovenia know your band, I kinda feel obligated to ask... A short history of the band. How you started and all that...

I formed the band in 1993 with the aim to create something outside the average. Our first demo "The Pagan Winter" was released in 1995 and it was a great success in the underground scene. It resulted in a contract with Mascot Records from the Netherlands and they released our first album "Phantoms" in 1996. It was a surprisingly successful debut. Later they released our demo as a special mini-CD and our second full-length was released in 1998. It is entitled "The Haunting" and we recorded it in Holland. In the meantime we toured Europe with Marduk. Our third album "Grand Destiny" was released in 2001 and as it was released by a small label, Red Stream (USA) decided to re-release it. We signed to them for two other albums as well. Our new album "Forsaken Symphony" is released by them for a couple of months. If you are interested in a more detailed history, check out our official site.

You got a lot of positive reviews for all previous records. What about the response to your newest creation?

The response on Forsaken Symphony is really good. We got probably the best one so far and that's cool. We also believe that this is our best work so far.

I haven't heard the new album yet so please tell me in what does "Forsaken Symphony" differ from your previous release, "Grand Destiny"?

It's quite different. You know, all our albums differ from each other. I would say that "Forsaken Symphony" is very much in the vein of our first album "Phantoms". It has a very similar atmosphere. Also the fact that Csaba Csejtei (our former guitar-player and songwriter) returned to Sear Bliss contributed to the similarity for sure. For me 'Forsaken Symphony' is a very mystical album in its mood while "Grand Destiny" was more direct as we were full of hate at that time.

In your music you have already used the trumpet, trombone and baritone. What do you have in store for us in the future? Maybe a tuba or a horn?

On "Forsaken Symphony" we used tuba in two songs. It has a very powerful sound and it fits very much into those songs. We also have plans to make some old Sear Bliss songs with classical arrangements, mostly with brass instruments. I hope it will come true later this year.

What about your next album? Are you thinking about it yet? If so, what it's gonna be like and when can we expect it?

Yeah, we have already written three songs for the new album. I can tell you that these are the best songs we have ever written, really. We are eager to record it. It will happen in September, I guess. Wait and hear.

There have been a lot of line-up changes in Sear Bliss. Some left by themselves, some were asked to leave, some even returned and then left again. Can you give me a brief summary on this topic?

I don't think it's worth talking about line-up changes. Things happen how they happen but I think the only thing that matters is music. Sear Bliss is not about the ego of some members.

I know that you are involved in some other projects besides Sear Bliss. Can you tell me a little bit about them?

The most important one is called Forest Silence and it is actually our ex-keyboard player's band. We play a winter and cosmos inspired black metal. Our new mini-CD entitled "The Eternal Winter" will be released by Regimental Records in March. My other project, which I make with him (Winter) is called Wind. We play majestic black metal with awesome keyboard melodies. We will hopefully record some material later this year.

You had quite some problems with Mascot Records. How are you satisfied with Red Stream Inc.?

We are really satisfied with Red Stream. They support us in everything and we have very good experiences with them. They have a true underground attitude, which we respect very much.

What was the reason you had to cancel a part of your tour with Grief Of Emerald, Bestial Mockery, Obtest and Skyforger?

Actually, we had to cancel only the Slovenian and Finnish shows, unfortunately. We wanted to play over there very much but we couldn't do it because the organizers of the tour couldn't provide us the conditions we wanted. I mean, we would have had to make these gigs for free. They couldn?t even pay the costs of our trip, so we had to cancel it. That's a pity.

So when can we expect to see you on tour?

I really hope we can play in Slovenia soon because we would like it very much. Anyway, we will have a small tour in Holland, Belgium and Germany in March. It will be cool for sure.

You've had a couple of tours up till now. Is there any place you liked in particular (fans, club...) or in other words, where would you like to play again?

We always enjoy wherever we play but the audience in countries like Holland, Germany and Hungary are always great. We played in Torino once and it was also very memorable for us.

What about the places you've never been to... Where would you like to play?

As I told you, we enjoy playing in any place but it would be really great to play in Slovenia, so organizers, get in touch!

Any band in particular you would like to tour with?

Well, I don't know... There are bands that we respect and it would be good to tour with them. Right now we are trying to find a good tour possibility.

You've been asked to co-operate in John Gay's "The Beggar's Opera". I heard it was a great success.

Yeah, it was. We performed it even in Theatre Thalia (one of Budapest's most famous theatres) with great success. It's a very unusual thing in both theatrical and metal genre. It's a kind of black metal opera. We enjoy it very much.

Anything you would like to add for the end?

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