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Questions answered by: Alex Camargo
Interview took place on 21/12/2001 on X-mass festival in Vienna's Arena, Austria
Interviewer: Poli

I went to X-mass fest quite in a hurry, so I didn't have enough time to prepare all the questions. I prepared them for Nile, but I ran out of time for Krisiun, so I had to improvise. Since I know the band for years and being that I am a big fan of them, it was a piece of cake. Unfortunately, the interview was done after the show (many beers involved) and Alex and I ran out of time 'cause they were leaving the place early that night. Therefore I couldn't ask them all the questions I wanted to, but I still think that interview went quite allright. It was more like a friendly chat. The fest was great, all the bands were great and hereby I would like to thank all the guys in Krisiun and wish them all the best in the future. Furious speed known as Krisiun is here to stay!

O.K., first I would like to thank you for the great show tonight.

Thank you, I appreciate it.

And how is doing this tour so far?

Great, great, it's doing great. I can tell you, this is one of the best tours we've ever done. The package is great. You know, brutal bands, real bands... This is interesting because you get like black metal, death metal bands playing together and the show is doing just great.

And where are you playing tomorrow?

It's going to be in Zwickau, Germany. Like the last show.

And how is the latest album "Ageless Venomous" selling?

I heard it was doing allright man. I don't have the numbers yet, but like a... We're doing like a couple of tours in Europe and one tour in US for this album. And they're doing allright. If you are on tour, that's because the record is selling good. Because if the records are not selling good, you never get the chance to go on tour.

Are you completely satisfied with the last record or is there something that you would like to change?

Yeah man, I can tell you... afterwards we always find mistakes you know. I mean, nobody is perfect. But like for this time, we wanted to sound more clear. We wanted to sound different than most of average death metal bands. Especially in South America, there are lot of bands that just try to sound like us. And they are bunch of kids you know, trying to sound brutal and fast. We played this stuff for 15 years, so we're pretty much experienced and... it's pretty much like that. We decided to move a little bit, not change, but like... show people that you can make music out of death metal. Buy anyway, I think we went too clear. In the end we miss a little heaviness, but it's a tight and clear record you know. I mean, you can hear everything that is going on there. Like, we made the bass drums very "clinky" because played so fast, so you can hear the bass drums. But I started a rule for us. Like for the next record, we may come with more heaviness. We never know. We always have this "wage", to keep going and record more albums. That's just our one more album and right now we're ready with the head and going the next step.

And what's the deal with Century Media for the future? For how many albums did you sign?

We signed for 3 albums you know. They are doing good for us and we are pretty much satisfied with what they're doing. But I can tell you, labels are just labels if you know what I mean. We're gonna keep playing brutal and fast forever. Maybe in the future... Who knows, we might change labels, whatever, it is not like a rule. We gotta keep playing FAST! We are not getting any favor for any label, tell us what to do and...

Yeah, you're not gonna do what...

Yeah, we will do what we wanna do. I can tell you, we are satisfied with Century Media, but labels are labels. We will never change because of... whatever. We gotta keep doing Krisiun stuff forever man.

And who is doing the promotion and distribution for America? Because I heard that you've sold most albums in America, not Europe.

Yeah, we sold most in America. Not that much more but... it sells better. I can tell you, I think this really brutal death metal right now is more popular in America. Europe has a lot of heavy metal, melodic heavy metal and stuff. But it's still death metal, it's still great place to play. We love to come back to Europe, because it's still metal. It doesn't matter. Power metal... Well, there's a lot of divisions and some of that I don't like. I like metal, it doesn't matter if it's black or thrash or death, whatever. Our bands sound like death metal because we wanted to play top, you know what I mean. Brutal and fast. Not saying that it's better than black metal or whatever, but in Europe there's this sort of a... lot of categories. And I can tell you, in US death metal is more popular. But it's kind of the same.

If you would compare playing in front of European crowd or American crowd, where is it better?

Oh man, I don't know. I can't tell you where there's one better crowd, because both are great. We play US- kids go crazy, we play here- kids go crazy. It's a matter of... You know, some places in Europe, like north or some- people are more watching the band, head banging and stuff, so we have no problem with that. US- they are more aggressive. In South America- they are even MORE aggressive. You know what I mean, in South America they are really aggressive. And I love that. I love playing down there, we're playing Europe... I can tell you, metal people are kinda the same allover the world. Countries are different, you know, each one has its own things and stuff, but metal people... I think at the end it's kind of the same. They got much the same mind frame.

Well, I heard that if the audience in South America likes you, they spit at you.

No. No, no... ha ha. Not in Brasil man.

Not in Brasil...

But I heard that...

Because even Benton said that. And in Ireland also.

No, maybe there is somebody trying to fuck....

Ha ha ha ha...

No, I dunno man.

That's not a common thing?

No, no... It never happened in Brasil. We played Chile, it never happened in Chile. I heard that sometimes it happens in Colombia and Bolivia. You know, I've never been there. So, as far as I know... I can tell you, I don't like this shit.

Ha ha ha...

They spit on you because they like you (he said this kind of rhetorically - Poli). It's pretty much rumors you know. It never happened. In Brasil at least.

Did you ever played in Peru?

No, no, no, no... never. Peru is great. Peru is killer, but...

So you never played with Mortem?

No, no, no...

Not even in America? Because Fernan is studying in Arizona.

Yeah, yeah. We meet this guy all the time. Every time we go to Texas, he's there. He's buying us shit and... But still haven't had the chance to go on tour in Peru because there's still a lot of social problems and stuff. For you to go there, your band must be like really well known, for the tour guys, for the money, so that they make some money back so... Maybe... I heard the next year we go to Peru.

Did you ever play with Sadistic Intent maybe?

No, never man. We played with... oh man. We played a lot of different bands in L.A. And I know the guys and stuff, but I never played with them. They have this another band called Engrave...

They're great.

Yeah. They are kind of the same guys, but I never had the chance to play live with them.

Did you ever played with Infamy before Josh...?

No, no, no... neither.

And with which band would you like to play with the most?

There's some bands man. We never played with Deicide. I heard that they're not good people, but I love their music so somehow...

Do you also like their new albums?

The new album is O.K. The one before it- I like it. And I like everything before "Serpents Of the Lights". Especially the first couple albums, I love it, like "Deicide" and "Legion". We never go on tour with aaaa..., the Slayer you know. I mean, it could be a dream. Motorhead, you know Motorhead. We've been on tour with Morbid Angel for one time and I would love to go with them again... Whatever cool bands man. We are all for it.

Did you ever play with Diabolic and Hate Eternal?

Yeah, we played Diabolic for couple of shows. And we might be going on tour with them again, like next February in USA. So I dunno.

Is there any fresh and unique new band in Brasil?

I can tell you man...

... but not trying to sound like you, like Abhorrence or something like that?

Right, right, right... yeah. I can tell you, there's a... I told you already. Lot of bands, they're sounding good, fast and brutal, but it's still... Most of them gotta find their own identity. They gotta sound original and I can tell you right now, they are pretty much the same. Maybe I can tell you one name, Ancestral Malediction. Now these guys, they sound like old Morbid Angel. They got their own style, but they have a lot of "Altars Of Madness" from Morbid Angel. And they're good. They're good. At least they don't sound just like somebody else you know. (seems like a band I would like to hear - Poli)

What's with Funeratus nowadays?

They've just recorded an album. It's good album, but it's... you know. I mean, you gotta listen and take conclusions. It's a cool album, but most of bands, they're using this... It's kinda easy nowadays to sound fast if you go to a studio and you have a tool assistant. If you listen these bands right now, you will hear bass drums and everything there, but most of that is fixed. I heard the new Funeratus, I heard some other bands and I talked to the guys in the studios and they're like... man, it's all fixed you know. And that's something that I don't like. Because we play real. Everything that is on our album, we do live. So there are guys that go in the studio, play whatever... they fix it. You know, like bring a computer. I can tell you, there's a lot of shit going on on the scene. We are here whatever... to bring it up to scene. It doesn't matter if it's from Brasil or America or Europe, you know what I mean. We praise real bands.

Did you ever think about putting a guest musician on your album, like I dunno, Erik Rutan with some solo or some shit like that?

Yeah, it could happen. We never had a chance, like when we were recording with Erik. The things were like pretty much in a rush, so we couldn't do that. Maybe next time, whatever guy we are... That's a good idea man. Maybe next time.

And in which country would you like to live the most?

I dunno man. I love my country Brasil...

Sao Paulo?

... we have a lot of problems going on there, but what I can tell you, is... That's yours... it's like your place you know. A place where you speak your language...

So you're not gonna move, like in America or Europe?

We never know, we never know. We already have the opportunity, you know what I mean. The offer to go whatever else. But like for us, it's cheaper to stay there and stay close to our family. But you never know. I would love to be able to stay some days in Holland. I like Holland a lot, man.

Ha ha...

Germany is O.K.

Ever went to coffeeshops?

Ya, I love it. Ha ha ha.

Ha ha ha ha.

I love coffeeshops in Holland. Yeah, we must go.

O.K., O.K. ...

And as I say, we are pretty much proud about being Brasilians and we would like to go back home and...

And it's great because I think that Brasil has a lot to offer, but I guess it's tougher for you guys than I dunno, European bands or American bands. Especially for tours, to come to Europe...

It's being tough, but it's not that tough. It's like America... If you're a band from America and you gotta come over here, the flight tickets cost the same amount of money. So it's not a big deal. And we've been playing this for more then 10 years. So the things have been getting better and better you know. Right now we are in the situation that we can play everywhere.

Did you ever think about re-issuing "Unmerciful Order"?

We thought about it, we had some conversations about it, but still nothing happened. Maybe in near future man.

Or the old demos?

We never know, maybe. Maybe.

O.K. Well anyway, I wish you all the best...

I wish you the best and thanks for coming to support.

... and I hope that you will come to Slovenia again sometime.

I hope so man. My e-mail... it's easy. You can send me e-mail at alex@krisiun.com.br. Keep in touch. It's easy man.


Emmm... what's your name man?


Poli, thanks man. Take care and have a safe trip.

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