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Glenn Hughes / Joe Lynn Turner - "Hughes - Turner Project"
MTM Music / SPV 2002

I must be a real damn fool; I almost let this record pass me by. How could I afford this? Unforgiven deed of mine! A fatal mistake! O.K. I cried enough now. This year was a good one for the hard rock scene. And here comes another album that confirms my statement.

The first song, "Devil's Road"! A pure and straight, massive Hammond organ attack of the opening power hard rock rhythm drive immediately nails you to the gun. This is it. Two legends united their strengths and delivered an excellent record. Hughes and Turner, a dream team combination that always ensures involvement of pure feeling in what they're doin'. And this is always the key to conquer in the music universe. Two different guys, two different singing styles, two different voices. Supported by first class instrumentalists, having rock'n'roll in their veins, this mighty creation is kicking real high or in other words just simply rocks!

Glenn Hughes demonstrates untamed wilderness of his superb vocal range, spectre and his unbeatable primordial feeling for improvisation (just try him in mid-tempo adventure "Better Man"). Like a chameleon changes it's skin, Glenn's doin' the same with his vocals! As if it was a piece of cake. The whole sound is full. I mean, it is hard to describe this in just three words. A dynamic and living conversation between the bass guitar and the drums is there all the time. Not to talk about the wizardry of the guitar. Those two legends always deserve the best company of musicians in the band. And they've got that company once again. Pure symbiosis of everyone's tribute on this record reaches the highest peaks in the "Heaven's Missing An Angel", "Fade Away" and especially in the finest piece called "On The Ledge" (feel the storming between Hammond strikes and riffing in middle section of that song). Those three songs are supreme atmosphere rulers!

The band delivers also some classic "deep purple" flavored fast drive hardrockin' feel in "Run Run Run", "Devil's Road", "Missed Your Name", "Ride The Storm" and a fantastic highball shooter at the end "Against The Wall", which is added as a bonus track. Also, you'll find some funky beats in "Sister Midnight".

Constant changing of both lead vocals in verses brings a real high atmosphere whose intensity doesn't fade away for a single moment and usually reaches it's melting point when both voices are joined together in choruses. What a colorful contrast. The songs capture a pure feeling of hard rock and rock'n'roll beat. This album burns in the purifying fire of emotions!

Author:   Aleš

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