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Sinner - "There Will Be Execution"
Nuclear Blast 2003

Here they splash again. The older they get, the more I like them. A legendary heavy metal band, along with The Scorpions. One of those with the longest time presence on the German heavy metal scene. But an important difference divides these two bands. Sinner are still heavy metal and they never sold their souls for money. They always were what they are. Therefore they deserve all the respect and much higher reputation than they have. Truly a great band. Actually band continues where it stopped three years ago with End Of Sanctuary. Mastermind, pure genius and fantastic producer Mat Sinner (vocals, bass) gathered the rest of the band in the next line-up: Tom Naumann (Primal Fear) and Henny Wolter on guitars, Fritz Randow (Saxon) on drums and (as usual) Frank Rössler on keys. But this time you won't find any keyboard intros in songs, as it was something very usual on previous two releases.

Fans got what they expected. New and "old" Sinner at it's best. With Mat's standard alive production that is undoubtedly very close to Primal Fear sound (just guess who produces PF albums; Mat of course). Brutal, aggressive and untamed guitar attacks. Guitars are just shredding and they also serve some thrashy stuff ("Die On Command"). Powerful riffing is again overpicked with nicely chosen melodies. That unites brutality and melody in a perfect balance (f.e. "Finalizer", "Black Monday"). 45 minutes of volcano eruption! Blasting riffs. Songs are strike after a strike!!! Mat's unique vocals, fat bass line and fantastic drum work done by Fritz. Straight double bass drum kicking in opener "Higher Level Of Violence" punches immediately right into your face! Mid-tempo songs with "loose" riffs ("Locked And Loaded" or high on emotions song "The River") are also included. Album ends with an impressive ballad called "Crown Of Thorns" with alive acoustic steel sound, proving once again that Mat is born to be an artist. He has songwriting in his veins. Feel pure school of heavy metal, forget about "new" things, when everything was already invented. Stick to your point! Stick to Sinner!!!

Author:   Ale¹

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