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Dream Evil - "Dragonslayer"
Century Media 2002

Here comes a debut from another new band. Finally, Swedes that sounds aggressive enough to talk about real power. There is no sign of sugar cliché happy victorious Hammerfall fashioned "eternal glory" pieces. These guys really rock. They are more, allow me to use these words, "down to earth". Production is also much more alive and unpolished than is usually expected from other Scandinavian bands of this music genre.

I think that Snowie Shaw is well known name in the world of drumming. This guy worked with King Diamond and Mercyful Fate in the past. And having him behind the drum wheel always brings good fortune. Vocals are angry and expressive. You won't find some kind of high sequence clean cryin' here. Niklas shouts like a real man. Energy captured in aggressive "fast like a shark" riffing (guys come very close to Primal Fear style and sound in opening riff of "The 7th Day") carries constant and high powerful voltage within. Compact and fluid pieces with great main themes (for example "Chasing The Dragon" or "Kingdom Of The Damned") are very convincible. Brilliantly done guitar solos and massive riffing attacks ("In Flames You Burn") with nice sharp, alive, fast and yet still very clean figured out guitar bridges that won't let you fall asleep are constantly involved throughout entire record. Riffs are sometimes also picked over ("The Prophecy"). This keeps dynamics constantly on a real high level. Fantastic use of keyboards captures high ambient and gives the whole sound even wider dimensions (mid tempo metal hymn "The Chosen Ones" or "Losing You").

As a debut, this record is highly recommended to all of you, who are constantly searching for something new on the horizon. Actually everything was already invented, but if you're searching for something that is done with balls, you won't make a mistake if you pick Dream Evil.

Author:   Ale¹

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