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Judas Priest - "Live In London"
SPV 2003

Nevertheless that set list is very similar to that from '98 Live Meltdown album, we're exposed to the new impressions that come out of a brand new live album. If the previous one captured real aggression, untamed wilderness and powerful stage performance of the band, this new live release takes all that even on a higher level. I proclaim this live album the best band's official live release due to a simple fact: the sound remains untouched. Recording was done in one piece that means in one place and on one night. The band is known by using samples in studio to improve "rough" sound of their live recordings. It was especially popular in Halford's era. But this time they ignore "studio activities" and that's why I said that this is a real live recording. Vampire evilized sound aggression attack, straight from hell!!!

What deserves special attention here is vocal performance of Tim "Ripper" Owens. He finally took all the freedom and built real strong self-confidence. You won't hear Ripper in Judas Priest classics trying to sound like Halford anymore. He approached the songs in his own way. In lower and middle sequences he really rips and shreds with full aggression. Sometimes singing real brutal. He takes also his freedom in improvising. So we've got real "Ripper" at last. Pay attention on a few seconds lasting scream in fade out of "Victim Of Changes". In highest sequences "he's ripping men apart"! It is needless to say that he "overpisses" Halford at any time and any place he wants to.

The whole sound of this band is stronger than ever, again ear-splitting aggressive. I want to say that the new Priest want even more blood in their battlefields. It seems that no one can stop them. After all this years they remain young in their hearts and sincere as they always were. Enjoy this fantasy!

Author:   Aleš

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