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Fates Warning - "Night On Bröcken (re-release)"
Metal Blade Records 2002

It is great that we are faced with so many re-releases at this time. It is very important to talk about crucial things that happened in the history of music. The spirit must not die.

There is no doubt that Iron Maiden were one of the most influential bands for Fates Warning. A challenging band that set standards in heavy metal music to a higher level. Imagine Iron Maiden's nicely balanced mixture of everything: acoustic touches, Celtic harmony guitar duets, power chord riffing, a fantastic rhythm work of constant dramatic changes, accompanied by a perfect voice that suited this first class band of the eighties ideally. Fates Warning went even further and carried those standards to a higher level with their debut album. Powerful vocals, dynamic work of both guitars, everything speeded up. It led those who like to divide music into genres to chose Fates Warning for the beginners of progressive metal. A fantastic energy full of rebellion's anger and rage. The guys improved mainly the guitar sound in production, while they kept the garage sound of vocals and rhythm section almost untouched. Just compare the added demo bonus track sound with the original re-masters. And this is a key that makes this record really alive.

The band was actually known as Misfit in the beginning, before they changed their name, 'cause of similarity with the name of G. Danzig's punk group (Misfits). Fates Warning demonstrated the finest and purest underground old school of U.S. heavy metal with the Night On Bröcken; such as it was erupting from anywhere on U.S. grounds in that time. The guys performed songs that can really pull you out of your skin. A perfect feeling for drama (end of "Night On Bröcken", or end of "Shadowfax"). Grandiose epic phantasmagoria "Damnation" (a brilliant melodrama full of fluid bridges and changing, storming power riffs) shows the steps that the band took in their future, when the guys turned out to be more progressive (e.g. the album "Awaken The Guardian"). The band served their own recognizable and unique music style with their debut. The whole record consists from very diverse songs. You'll find yourselves raptured within pure dynamics of this electric power drama classic masterpiece. Aggressive, untamed and violent in every single beat. The devil's grip of a band full of enthusiasm and creative energy. Straight in your face!

Author:   Ale¹

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