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Black Sabbath - "Past Lives (Live At Last - Deluxe Edition)"
Sanctuary 2002

Well, I dare say that you are all very familiar with this band. Black Sabbath changed the world forever. The fathers of heavy metal just wanted to sound scary, so they turned their volume up a bit and that was that.

The only real Black Sabbath in the original line-up Osbourne/Iommi/Butler/Ward marched on with "Vol 4." making huge progress in comparison to their first album. So it was planned that their first live recording should see the light in 1973, and some live concerts from the "Vol 4." tour in U.K. were recorded for that occasion. Unfortunately things would not go as planned "Live At Last" was not released until 1980, when Ozzy was already on his own. The chemistry that you can feel only when you have the original line-up of Sabs on stage was working fantastically here and shines in the songs such as "War Pigs", "Children Of The Grave" or "Sweet Leaf" are. Pure uniqueness, incarnated in this legendary masterpiece is a great document of past that still lives in the present. Inside every single riff of every single metal band on Earth. Ozzy ripped some ear splitting screams out of his throat. Just imagine young Ozzy jumping all over the stage. With his deep magic stare and evil vocals, with his communication to audience, full of provocative jokes.

What we have in front of us here is a double cd set that features the original live album from 1980 on the first cd and various unreleased live recordings from several concerts during the seventies on the second one. Let's take a closer look at the second cd. You'll find nine completely different songs from those that appear on "Live At Last" (first cd of this double set). Some of them were never released as live performances (having the "Reunion" live album in mind): "Hole In The Sky", "Hand Of Doom", "Symptom Of The Universe", and a special surprise for all die-hard Sab fans. A real live version of the atmospheric doomkiller "Megalomania" ("Suck Me!" shouts Ozzy here). Uf, feel the magic of Tony's finger touches during the introduction to "Black Sabbath". Without consciousness, he just turned himself into a pure medium that blasted out with his guitar a new music revolution! Of all the tracks on the second cd, I find "Behind The Wall Of Sleep" with a fantastic outro the most impressive one.

Past lives was also released in "Premium Collector's Digipack" version, including Iommi's guitar pic. At the end I can write down a sentence that always fitts in the best possible way the magic two words Black Sabbath: "Join the heavy metal revolution!" And who is Tony Iommi? An inventor or simply father of a riff!

Author:   Aleš

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