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Violent Devoties - "Grind Bitch Perversions"
Metal Wrath Records 2001

Many have been boomeranged due to fiction of factual representation of death metal genre and it is most obvious that Violent Devoties are doing nothing but that.

Grind Bitch Perversions is mostly flavourless impassioned lowcaloric childish product with song structures going from bad to worse. Apart from that, musical aspect and production tend to fall into the category of bends like Resurrected where originality, creativity and innovation are completely overlooked.

Though the lads are young maturity and promotion of their own musical components would be more preferable and recognizable rather than the idiocy of recycling innumerable average bands in the vein of Deicide-and-Mortician-stands-for-dullness-dot-com.

If the progress is considered questionable they deserve to be blasted into oblivion before you can say "This suxx".

Author:   Yesper

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