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Koldborn - "First Enslavement"
Diehard music 2002

Danish death metal act Koldborn have served us a mind-crushing debut called "First Enslavement". They play intense and aggressive death metal with a lot of diversity in their songs. Martin's vocals vary from brutal (not extra low and still clear enough) to screaming vocals that bring a special feeling and atmosphere into the music. Powerful guitars and blasting drumming makes music intense and doesn't let you breath... Two slower songs give you some time to recover after a blasting attack. On songs "In breathless signs" and "Sunbroken" appear quite average female vocals. The color of her voice is a bit unusual. I don't like it much. I especially liked a few very good solos that are played with feeling and blend into music perfectly. I can't decide which songs I like best, because every song has some parts, which make it interesting. The production is on a high level. Instruments are emphasized where needed. Sound is clean and well balanced.

Overall this is a good album that should please fans of European death metal. Even though "First Enslavement" is their debut, they have solid foundation for their next releases, so I can't wait to hear their next album to see how they evolve.

Author:   Igor

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