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Savatage - "Power Of The Night (re-release)"
SPV 2002

Described as the first real Savatage studio album by frontman Jon Oliva, "Power Of The Night" was unlike their previous albums "Sirens" and "Dungeons Are Calling", the first one that was made in a real studio. The keyboards and orchestration finally came to a close and this time production is almost perfect.

"Power Of The Night" opens with a great intro. The title track was a staple of the band's live shows for years and it also features one of the most memorable Criss Oliva's riffs in Savatage's history. "Unusual" features mystical imagery that also defines much of Oliva's early material. "Warriors Of The World" is a very special song for it has bridge that is very similar to those of Manowar's new song "Warriors Of The World United". Or I can say diverse as this song is FROM year 1985. "Washed Out" and "Stuck On You" were both recorded FROM the previous demo tapes, while "Necrophillia" and "Skull Session" were recognized as dirty and unmoral and both earned a parental advisory warning by USA law-parasites, even though their lyrics don't contain any four letter words.

Oliva had to give Atlantic Records a song, titled "Hard For Love", far most commercial song on the album. "Fountain Of Youth" features Oliva's trademark "shrieks of horror" and it is the only song without lyrics in the booklet. Maybe because it was also written by ex-drummer Steve Wacholz, but that is just a rumor. The album's closing track "In The Dream" was one of the first Savatage songs that introduced the piano as a lead instrument. Up till then they hardly used keyboards at all. Hard to believe nowadays!

The two bonus tracks - "Power Of The Night" and "Sirens" are FROM their old live performances and are both well displayed. Overall it was another great improvement for the band, which finally figured out that along with heavy stuff they are able to do other things as well. FROM the first three records, "Power Of The Night" was the band's best work. As they said then: "Raise the fist of the metal child!"

Author:   Peter

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