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Gamma Ray - "Powerplant (re-release)"
Sanctuary / Noise 2002

Gamma Ray is proving once again that they are a trademark for classic melodic German heavy metal at its best. Constant rhythm changes and constant double guitar harmony picking, as well as the basic power riffing will drive you crazy. Also, the bridges are done with special care and are scrolled over with the mentioned harmony touches. Complete fluidity. And the opener "Anywhere In The Galaxy" ensures that from its first beat. The music carries pure sadness. I like the mid-tempo sad songs such as "Razorblade Sigh" or "Send Me A Sign". But after that the band begins to thunder back with "Gardens Of The Sinner". A "Russian roulette" melos is involved in "Sad Wings Of Destiny". And the complete classic Gamma Ray victory is a "full of everything" song called "Armageddon". It is hard to decide, which song stands out here. They all carry diversity inside. And it is also present from song to song. A guarantee for a pure, dynamic record. There is also a fantastic cover of the Pet Shop Boys hit song called "It's A Sin". The chemistry works here!

The sound production is phenomenal and beats production of the previous release in every single field. The vocals are done better and are produced better. The bass line can again be well heard. Many bands have problems due to the fact that they diminish the bass guitar in their sound production with the double bas footwork of drums. You won't find that in Gamma Ray sound. Also, the keyboards are even more expressed. In a fine combination with choir - type back vocal lines, this produces a special feeling and raises climax in every single moment. Everything sounds full and alive. Guitar solos? Pure fantasy again.

Kai always gives that special feeling to the band's whole sound and music with his singing. Powerplant poetry has again very much to do with how we screwed up just about everything on Earth, it talks about a time of revelation, about forthcoming judgment day that will punish us all for living in a lie, fear and spreading evil diseases. Mind decay of humanity reached its final stage. We're closing to Armageddon. Kai, in his poetry, achieves a complete feeling of coldness with a soulful aproach. When even hell can freeze. This is incredible. A specific color of voice, a specific way of singing: angry, desperate and full of pain. He changes the color of his vocals inside songs more than ever. And sings better than ever.

"Powerplant" is the highest peak in this band's history. This is a sort of album, that - concerning musical criteria - reaches the highest standards. When everything collides. If "Somewhere Out In Space" was a formula for developing the chemistry in a new and stable line-up, "Powerplant" is digging further. In only two years after release of "Somewhere Out In Space" it was hard to imagine that the band is capable of making an even better album. The period was just too short. But obviously, for a refreshed line-up, full of ideas - and Kai with a strong self-confidence on vocals - time had no limits. In 1999 they launched a crystal clear release that deserves a superlative: masterpiece.

Author:   Aleš

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