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Impellitteri - "System X"
SPV 2002

Chris Impellitteri, a guitar hero with a unique supersonic guitar finger work, took again under the cover of his band a pure legend in rock music, one that worked with him on his first record "Stand In Line" (1988), the vocalist Graham Bonnet (who once worked with Forcefield, Alcatraz, MSG, Rainbow) that replaced Rob Rock. I am amazed. In a positive sense. I never could imagine that Graham would ever sing with such anger. Powerful as always, but at the same time very very rough screaming!

The songs are strong compositions. Chris' guitar's blazing solos are tastefully incorporated inside the songs and never dominate over compositions. On the new record, there is still enough place for the expression of good old Chris' lead work (fast blazing arpeggios in intros or bridges, and his unique spicy solos). Attention, the whole band is subordinated to the main themes inside the songs. We're dealing with a pure U.S old school pace of heavy metal, that is done with guts - always a guarantee from this band. The one exception is the band's hard rock oriented adventure called "She's A Nighttime Lover", that slightly reminds of Rainbow. What really fascinates me is the magic between Bonnet's rough singing and the melancholy of Chris's melodic one string themes and solos. It hangs in perfect balance.

This new record sounds so alive. The entire record has a melancholic melody feeling that is led by sharp, rough, powerful, smashing drive of Chris's superb riffing supported by the brilliant rhythm section of this team, which is now reinforced with Graham's unique vocals. Chemistry just simply works here. So, the band delivers through sound and Graham's unique vocals an overall feeling of sadness, obscurity, anger and pain. In combination with the lyrics you can feel a real resurrection of a social decay, people's sanity, revelation of a judgment day. When day turns to night forever, when skin turns to gray forever, when humanity turns to beasts forever. A wasteland forever. Pure evil's victory! New Impellitteri are so convincing about that!!!

This album carries such energy. Songs are short and powerful. Just feel the rage of new Impellitteri! When emotions come alive through musical expression. And this takes Impellitteri once again into the category of the greatest bands "ever". A fantastic new record.

Author:   Aleš

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