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Khold - "Masterpiss Of Pain"
Moonfog productions 2001

They are good. Really good. Their concert, which I was able to see at the first Inferno Festival, impressed me so much I just couldn't wait to get my hands on this CD. It turned out to be as astonishing good and powerfully influential as I expected, judging by the impact their performance had on me at that gig.

Music on this album is very heavy, mostly in mid/slow tempo, although there are some songs like "Norne" and "Mestrerverk av Smerte" which start faster. There are no synths but they got this emphasized bass line standing out, making their music so unique and recognizable.
It's good to hear some grooviness these days and a sense for affect manner one could achieve in a song through variable rhythms, instead of just playing it as fast as possible. Their music creeps right into your soul. Not to mention brain, as I found myself murmuring parts of their songs constantly. They've got very nice melodies and they really know how to put all the riffs together to make it sound mysterious and catchy. The songs are rather short but highly effective, except for "Bortvandring" which is almost 5 minutes long and has got a really spooky feeling in it with all the pauses, getting on the top of my favourite songs from this album together with "Den Store Allianse" and "Svart Helligdom". There are in total 10 songs on it, each with their own little details that will make you listen to this CD over and over again (I had it constantly in my CD-player for 4 months)!

The vocals are typically harsh but very good and with the lyrics in Norwegian they sound kind of psychopathic which add some coldness to the overall album's atmosphere. I really like that bass which can be clearly heard but not on account of other instruments or vocals, production of the album is good and clear.
Surely the best debut in a long, long time.

Type: It gives me chills down my spine and a smile every time I press "play" button.

Author:   Maja

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