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Dave Meniketti - "Meniketti"
Dream Catcher / Zomba 2002

That's what I like! Complete erotica! Dave doesn't care about any nowadays trends in music. Man has his own balls and spirit, which strike with full force on his second release after 1998's "On The Blue Side". This sound was expected from old good Dave. In first part of the record we face some Y & T oriented songs as opener "Messin' With Mr. Big", "No Lies" with vocal line that reminds of D. Coverdale, or one of the most beautiful songs on this record "I Remember", which Dave dedicate to his mother. Yes this old school Hard Rock that has it's roots in seventies will eat you alive and make you bleed. Just let yourselves flow. What beat this record has. Bluesy spirit through entire playing time. And pure blues pieces as "Hard As I Try", "It's Over" or the last song "Take My Time" are. Here they are. Stunning riffs right into your face! Feel rude and alive classical "gibson" guitar sound!

Dave is singing soulfully. A supreme combination of this charismatic unique vocal and fantastically structured compact pieces, that are extremely emotional. I don't remember right now when I was fell down on my knees when being captured in such a turmoil of emotions. The last time was perhaps when I was listening to good old Jimmy Hendrix or Zepps. I was talking about Y & T. How I miss them. This line up D. Meniketti (vocals, guitar), M. Dove (bass), T. Stead (keyboards), C. Miller (drums) could be a basement for a reunion of Y & T, if you allow me to provoke a bit here. But I'm thinking seriously. Chemistry works here. Groovy bass line and dynamic drum work carry the main part in taking ambiental feeling on a higher level. And hammond organ joins in perfectly.

"Storm" is a song, where you can imagine as if Hendrix's spirit would appear somewhere nearby Dave when he was composing his songs and whisper into his ear the main riff that this song has. Pure soul! This record is complete victory! It has everything that first class record should have. Alive sound that was soulfully created! Which is the right key to achieve that kind of creation? That answer always waits inside you. And Dave knows this for sure! So just lay down and join this pure erotical heartbeat!

Author:   Aleš

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