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Sabaium - "Beyond..."

Sabaium is just one of those bands, whose music stays in your ears from the first time you hear it. That goes for their debut album "Embraced with Silence" as for its successor entitled "Beyond...". For all those who never heard of this band let me tell you a little something about them. Sabaium come from Šentilj, that's a place right beside the Slovenian border with Austria. They founded the band under the name Catacomb in 1994, but they later changed it into Decayed Catacomb and then into Sabaium. They have released two demos, Monument Of Death (1995, as Catacomb) and Gates Of Doom (1996, as Decayed Catacomb), before releasing their debut "Embraced with Silence" (1999) through Seven Art Music.

I could say that "Beyond..." is a kind of continuation of "Embrace with Silence". The band preserved their typical sound. Guitars are still very melodic and the keyboards carry even a bigger role. The difference can also be noticed in the usage of vocals. Sabaium are still using two types of vocals: David's deep growling ones and the drummers nice clean ones. In the past the two vocalists were only exchanging roles, but now the band also uses two-voiced singing. It is very hard to point out their best songs because they are all good. But the last song on this CD is a very special creation. The best word to describe its style is electronic classical music. The songs that stand out are also "Gothica oscularum", "Memories", "Tiha pesem" and "Promised paradise". On "Beyond..." you will also find a video clip "Tiha pesem", which is also the only song with Slovenian lyrics. The video clip itself is actually nothing special but that can be expected if you consider the fact that it is very hard to do a good video without the financial support of a label or at least rich parents.

Sabaium is a very good band, which can get far with a bit of luck and persistence. Their last CD will enrich every collection.

Author:   Anja

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