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In Flames - "Reroute To Remain"
Nuclear Blast 2002

Boys from Gothenburg just don't give up. They are full of constant fresh ideas, which come out of their hyper creative and free spirit. I thought that constant touring and writing material will bring them down. But with the new release they confirmed, that music is just in their veins.

Again angry rasp vocals meet melody in a perfect shape. Experiments in adding samples ("Cloud Connected") and brave keyboard work are making this sound very full. And it doesn't differ from standard In Flames sound. You will face the richest specter of sounds on the newest release that are colliding perfectly together into the lead one. This sound production takes another step forward from "Clayman". Quality guitar riffing remains pushed in the front line and don't worry you'll also find well-known In Flames trademark, harmonic guitar lines.

Little touches that can slightly remind you of death metal are contained in songs such as "Drifter", "Egonomic" and the opening beat of "Transparent". With acoustically driven seventh song titled "Dawn Of A New Day", they slow things down a bit. All songs are compact, but diverse in meanings of constant changing of melody and rhythm. What is very important here is that In Flames goes straight into ears. Songs are short and this keeps high-voltage inside them, which is asked from such band as In Flames is. To kick ass!

I was talking about great ambiental feeling of the new release. Yes, the boys just have that perfect timing. They know when to stop a bit in between songs, to flow from power beat into acoustic bridges, and than strike back with further electric aggressive and massive beating drive attacks ("Dismiss the Cynics"). Anders's vocals are nicely adapting to the structures of songs and to their sound. In fast crushers his vocals are aggressive and brutal, but in mid-tempo parts he likes to change the colour of his voice into "normal". In certain sections of songs he also uses special effects. Under this conditions (nice sample experimenting, ambiental use of keyboards, diverse Anders's singing, alive guitar riffing sound) success in high atmosphere through entire record is guaranteed. You also won't miss acoustic Celtic touches ("Metaphor") with violin added in chorus.

Summary. This is the band's best release up to date.

Author:   Aleš

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