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Dogface - "In Control"
MTM Music / SPV 2002

Undoubtedly we are dealing with a group consisting of five very talented musicians from Sweden. They are trying very hard to sound like Whitesnake or Deep Purple. In that purpose lead guitar is balanced and friendly accompanied with Hammond organ. So hard'n'heavy sound is guaranteed. But there is a lack of uniqueness. So I miss a soulful approach. School knowledge just isn't enough to get me under Dogface banner.

Mats Leven is a good session musician for sure. But in a band, where everything is forced to follow invented patterns and copying band's idols, Mats' energy input remains unexpressed. Mats worked with Malmsteen on "Facing The Animal" (1997) and also sang in "Treat" and "Swedish Erotica". Sometimes it is not hard to sound like your idols but that just isn't expressing yourself. That's what I miss in Dogface. All I can find here is complete rationality without any feelings. Production is in my opinion a bit too polished, O.K. instruments are hanging in balance, guitar riffing stands out and production also retains dynamics of rhythm section, which bridges are nicely fitted into songs. Luckily you won't find any sweet sugar baby ballads here. Dogface turned riffs around a bit and obviously they are happy with that. But I just can't feel any excitement, when I put "In Control" in my CD player. Music is too empty, too controlled. Maybe that's why the release is called "In Control".

Dogface is unfortunately one of those millions of bands that are just a good copy of their so-called "eternal idols". Don't get me wrong. "In Control" delivers hard rock stuff of certain quality. But it was heard for a million times in music history. More powerful and in a unique way, what in my opinion "In Control" can't offer you. It takes much more to leave an impression than just being a good imitator.

Author:   Aleš

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