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Pentagram - "Turn To Stone"
Peaceville Records 2002

Pentagram's third compilation consists of songs from their three official releases: "Relentless" (1993), re-release of "Day Of Reckoning" with re-recorded drums (originally released in 1987), also released in 1993 and "Be Forewarned", released in 1994 (all through Peaceville Records). On this compilation you will find a great selection of 17 songs from mentioned albums. The songs are mixed in no particular order, that means they don't follow the order of appearance on official releases. Closely linked to fathers of old school Doom Metal are such bands as Trouble, St. Vitus, The Obsession or Solitude Aeternus. So, it is more than obvious that Pentagram are still one of most influential bands in this genre.

Band that was formed in 1971 is delivering alive and atmospheric garage sound with no compromise and in a best possible way. An overall feeling is as if the sound would remain untouched by it's production. Constant dramatic heavy stoner riffing also includes all kinds of interesting passages, rhythm changes, solos and guitar harmonies. Unique and soulful. Both terms of quality that you are looking for. Imagine Iommy's riffing and Ozzy's vocal lines involved in a more complex musical approach. It wouldn't be fair to compare Pentagram and Black Sabbath. Both bands were developing at the same time and were in period during 1967-1974 as very innovative young groups, who were searching for new musical horizons. Pentagram are from the beginning combining psychedelic 70's heavy rock (for example Iron Butterfly) with modern trends (pure heavy riffing oriented genres).

This compilation is highly recommended to all who are taking first steps in knowing this band and a very interesting choice for all doom metal lovers, to get straight inside (if you still didn't) the roots from where it all begun. A quality that lasts forever.

Author:   Aleš

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