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Iron Maiden - "Edward The Great"
EMI 2002

This is enough. Guys, you're acting like movie stars. Are you talking about the release of a new compilation? No shit! I can't take this seriously. Let's take a closer look and try to find some differences between "Beast Of The Beast" and "Edward The Great". Uf, once again there are sixteen songs. I miss Iron Maiden "hits" from their first two official releases, but never mind, this was compensated with pieces taken from "post X Factor" releases "Wicker Man" and "Futureal". Well, well, I succeeded in finding "Flight Of Icarus" and "Infinite Dreams" and I'm so deeply touched. "Fear Of The Dark" is alive again but this time you stole it from "Rock In Rio". What an impressive and highly innovative move. Everything else is the same as if I'm facing "Best Of The Beast". O.K. order of the songs is also different. So if we take a general overlook in a little less precise fashion, we'll find out that "Best Of The Beast" is the same thing as "Edward The Great". Oh, except if you count front cover, which differs indeed. But last thing has little in common with music, or not?

So, I'm asking you Iron Maiden guys, why? Why is this compilation so necessary? I wouldn't say if you released, counting from anno 1996 (release of "Best Of The Beast") let us say five new albums by now. "Best Of The Beast" offered the fans at least one new single release ("Virus"), "Edward The Great" is unfortunately incapable of that kind of experience. I'm truly sorry but at the end I must admit that this is complete blackmailing. So folks, be patient 'till 18th November 2002 when "deluxe metal casket" of six CD's full of Iron Maiden rarities will be released.

Author:   Aleš

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