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Carpathian Forest - "Morbid Fascination Of Death"
Avantgarde records 2001

Uauuu, although I know it will sound exaggerated, but still: JUST GET YOURSELF THIS CD!!! It's their best release up to date. Very diverse, well considered, with their specific, recognizable style and above all very catchy. The first song is actually a very effective intro, pulling you right into the mysterious atmosphere of the album. The next two songs are sped up, with fast rhythm, but totally without the monotony, in which so many bands often slide in. "Through Self Mutilation" was one of the songs from this album I especially remembered after first listening, "Knokklemann" and "Warlord Of Misanthropy" that follow are two black metal songs in very typical CF style with alternate fast and groovy parts where you subconsciously start banging your head. "A World of Bones", seventh in a row, is one of the most beautiful composition I've heard lately, with emphasized synths that increase the atmosphere on the whole song. Followed by slightly different "Carpathian Forest" which has already appeared on MCD "Through Chasm, Caves and Titan Woods" and is one of the band's classics. Next song - "Speechless" took my breath away the first time I listened to it, as in this calm and atmospheric tune the sound of saxophone fits surprisingly well, making together with whispering vocal a thrilling effect. "Ghoul" is included on this CD as a bonus song, originally written by Mayhem and is sped up again, making it very effective before the last "Nostalgia". Slow, almost 10 minute song in which the sound of saxophone meddles in again and which ends up with somehow strange wind band that drown down a talk in Norwegian. The sound on the album is very clear and Nattefrost's vocal gives a special seal on it. The included booklet is quite extensive and fits well with the central theme of the album. All and all highly recommended!

Type: Morbid bedtime stories.

Author:   Maja

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