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Yngwie J. Malmsteen's Rising Force - "Attack!!"
Steamhammer / SPV 2002

"Attack!!" is expected repairment after production breakdown of Yngwie's last release. Face a typical Malmsteen's production again. The most important fact is that "Attack!!" is a release that can easily receive a status of "better ones" from Mallmsteen's factory. Last releases were dying one after another from being out of ideas and just couldn't get under my skin.

What he serves us is once again an eruption with full voltage power of the riff – till the tenth song, where guys get some rest (maestro of course doesn't) in instrumental "Majestic Blue". Brilliant filigran precised and blazing fast arpeggios is an expected trademark and we can anticipate that of course. Production of course puts Fender Stratocaster in the center of everything. Derek Sherinian, who joined Yngwie on keyboards, remains almost invisible. But maestro didn't want to take any risks (nature of the Swedes, I guess). Those easy keyboard lines could be done by many less known musicians. It is funny when you remember those days, when Derek was playing real musical difficulties with Dream Theater. Yngwie put the microphone in the hands of Dougie White (ex-Rainbow, Cornerstone). Predictable decision if we look back and over Yngwie's legacy of choosing hard rock voices. Well drafted.

The new release means nothing new and doesn't invent the uninvented, but brings back guitar genius at his best. A master of turning impossible into possible on his Stratocaster spoiled us in his best days too much. But all fans will be very happy with "Attack!!" 'cause it will keep spoiling them.

The opener "Razor Eater" shouldn't be perforated with blazing arpeggio in it's main riff, ‘cause it obscures it's voltage power drive a bit. Nevertheless, mid-tempo and very ambiental "Valley Of The Kings" and "Stronghold", epically figured "Valhalla", striker "Ship Of Fools" with marvelous Yngwie's middle section or rapid firing "Mad Dog" are songs where Yngwie once again finds great balance between his hard rock influences and his musical knowledge of classics. Also complete bluesy grooving hard rock piece was done in "Freedom Isn't Free". "Attack!!" is closing with instrumental piece called "Air". A complete classic, that reminds on J.S. Bach creations. An expected move by maestro. A great balsam for ears at the end.

I'm interested if maestro will let the other egos of his musicians to manifest in delivering their ideas. The problem is that I am not able to detect any chemistry or magic between guys in the band. So, will Malmsteen one day be able to leave behind his ego or balance it with others in the band? Enough of this because good old Malmsteen is marching once again. At last after a few more or less forced releases in late nineties and the last sound catastrophe. The new thing is called Attack!! Attack is sometimes the best defense. With instrumental piece "Baroque And Roll", he will make you kneel.

Author:   Ale¹

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