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Abadon Incarnate - "Nadir"
Sentinel Records 2001

I am really late with sending this review, but anyway, here it is...
Mama mia! What a hysterical beginning. Totally different than their astonishing debut "The Last Supper". And the rest of the album is the same. Much more grinder, full of energy and hysterical at full-speed. But still I prefer the debut. I will tell why later on.

There's no debate. This is one helluva attack on your ears and these Irish guys have regurgitated 24 tracks in less than 45 minutes. This time they used Soundlab Studio with Mieszko (Nasum) producing, as the first one was produced by Athi in Tico Tico Studio.
And before the recording session started their original bassist Rob Tierney had left them (he focused more on graphic design), so they had to find a replacement, which was none other than Cory Sloan (Thy Sinister Bloom, The Fifth Dominion). And what bothers me this time is that album tends to drag. I mean, it goes on and on, when like for instance, the new Nile album is almost one hour long and it's over before you say, "What the fuck is going on here!?" And the sound. It's kinda weird, it bothers me and I am not even sure what is it that bothers me. I mean, I am not into those "clean as mom's kitchen" kind of productions. I like it rough and raw. But this one is just too noisy, too indefinable.
But on the other hand you can find some cool catchy riffs here and the guitarists have some great solos, though they don't use it often (do you know any band with grind in their veins who does much solos?).
And they have two types of vocals. One being hysterically driven, high pitched - really annoying if you ask me. And the other more typical death growling, but not brutal. Drums are crushing but Abaddon Incarnate are not one of those "blast beats all the way" kind of bands.

"Nadir" is not that kind of album, which would be spinning in your brains long after you first heard it, but for overcoming boredom should serve perfectly… just don't exaggerate or you'll become bored to extinction. I really don't know why this pumped into my head, but I would recommend Extreme Noise Terror "Being And Nothing" over this one. But Abaddon Incarnate seems like a solid death metal band that has all the chances to become something greater.

For the end I would like to thank the guys for sending us this album, though they did that already a few months ago (my fault, I had loooong vacations this year).

Author:   Klemen

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