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Messiah's Kiss - "Prayer For The Dying"
SPV 2002

Heh, you must be very careful nowadays in dividing "true" from "false". When I first read the band's name and the title of their release, I thought to myself: "Uf, how conventional and without ideas, I even don't need to hear this!" Anyway, I've tried it. And it was worth it.

Well the guys are delivering nothing new; they are storming another same old million times heard riff. But they are doing it with full sincerity. All songs are made with full force. Soulful. Production is unpolished and alive. Songs are short killers. You won't find even one ballad here. They are just bursting out their high voltage power drive. And what is most important when you're facing a thing that could be a complete cliché? A good singer. Mike Tirelli is actually Holy Mother's original band member with great abilities of changing his vocal. "Blood, Sweat & Tears" it's main riff reminds me of old Grave Digger ("Heavy Metal Breakdown"), and Mike even sings a bit in Chris' direction. Vocal is strong in every point of singing. No matter if he has to scream he will do it rough or clean, just ask him what you would like to hear. Mike is a real angry machine. "Night Comes Down"... aaahhhh, what a midtempo killer, riff is opened in Judas Priest mid-eighties fashion but much more alive!!! Production keeps Mike's power of singing completely untouched and whole band's sound eruption, too. Lyrics are not "pussy-fashioned dragon slayers" as we would nowadays expect from newcomers on the power metal scene, but realistic and full of questions about life we are living.

So don't even think that "Prayer For The Dying" is just another thing, that tries to pull the money out of your pockets. Messiah's Kiss are made in classic heavy metal framed power riffing, following Iron Maiden style (in basic) multiplied with all anger, sharpness, heaviness of Grave Digger and Running Wild. "Thunderball" and "Blood Of The Kings" with pierced riff guitar line in Running Wild best days fashion strengthened with brilliant work of drum's double foot. Band breathes as one.

Riff can be repeated for a million times but if it is done soulful, you'll be always carried away into his magic dreamland.

Author:   Ale¹

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