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Angra - "Hunters And Prey"
EP / SPV 2002

A brilliant move of the band, to put out an EP called "Hunters And Prey". This is just another proof of how the band is full of creative energy due to changes in band's line up. Angra is carrying forward everything that the band was. With more power riffing added. This was done also on their latest full length release "Rebirth" (2001). The main force in composing brand new songs and all (classic "angra" style) the orchestral arrangements for this EP was again the guitar duo Louriero/Bitencourt. "Hunters And Pray" is a logical follower of the "Rebirth" album that will satisfy all old or new Angra fans. That brings a conclusion that Angra remains in its music style, in it's traditional roots.

Not only that guitar work was done marvelously again, you can anticipate well know "clean" but also very sharp and speedy arpeggios during guitar lead breaks that keep the sound really alive. A little sampling was done, if it was done at all. Guitars are backgrounded again with well-known traditional Latino folk elements. "Salsa with hot chili" is performing (once again) full, wide and alive sound with all that South American people's temperament inside. There is no cold Scandinavian ratio to be found.

First four songs are brand new and are making a great contrast on the EP. First one "Live To Learn" is complete powerful striker. With "Bleeding Heart" the band slows down. The next follower is called "Hunters And Prey". This is a classic Angra combining power and progressive elements with folk rhythms backgrounded into their unique progressive metal style. If this song was more oriented in sense "catch me if you can" quick sand jamming, I can say the opposite for mid-tempo "Eyes Of Christ", a melancholic song, probably the finest composition the band made on this EP especially because of it's very expressive and epic chorus.

The band also added acoustic versions of "Rebirth" and "Heroes Of Sand". In "Heroes Of Sand" (in chorus) Edu kept his voice power in lower gear. I'm talking about the fact that the band is able to achieve much greater atmosphere in situations like that. Band's decision was a bit different here. But when you'll hear "Mama" (originally performed by Genesis), you'll find Edu as a main character here. Here he shows all his capabilities of changing the colour of his voice and of bringing alive all emotional feelings within his singing. A great vocal performance. As the last song on the EP you'll find a Portuguese version of "Hunters And Prey". But that's not all. "Rebirth" video clip is also included on the EP. More than 38 minutes of well known traditional "Brazilian rage" for a special price. "I'm buyin'!"

Author:   Aleš

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