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Elegy - "Principles Of Pain"
Locomotive 2002

I thought that guitar virtuoso Patrick Rondat as a new band member will bring some more fluidness in what Elegy are doing. But unfortunately the new album is what I expect from the band since Ian Parry joined on lead vocals. Another release of music that can't impress much.

The whole experience that I felt, listening to Elegy's new release for a dozen times, is that the band is just forcing themselves in the hardest possible way. Without ideas. Soulless. Everything is trapped inside frames that are dictated by music school knowledge of band members. Where power riffing begins to flow, and you begin to expect: "Wauuu, this will kick arse!" it is followed by strangely added Ian's backing vocals and especially his forced singing, which sometimes makes the things even harder for your ears due to some half tuned conclusions. Piece after piece, it is the same old story. And the entire record is another boring thing of this Dutch band. Nothing fits together as it should. Compositions are done under pressure of complete ratio. A poor energy that simply doesn't flows, at all.

Progressive metal, hmm. Where are the keyboards, guys? Keyboards that were added (orchestral arrangements?) are another disappointment and another weak point of "Principles Of Pain". You won't miss anything by not listening to the new Elegy release. Where are the times of "Lost"?

Author:   Aleš

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