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Enchant - "A Blueprint Of The World"
InsideOut 2002

Shame on me! I'm entering Enchant world and this beauty for the first time. I was really depressed thinking that nothing new can be heard or done. But here comes a new band with its new music dimensions. New? I'm speaking just for myself.

This re-release of the Enchant’s first record is for many progressive lovers even nowadays a high peak of the nineties progressive movement. It was a supreme idea of InsideOut record company to bring "A Blueprint Of The World" back to life. For the price of one CD, you can get the re-mastered original with a bonus track (piece "Enchanted" in acoustic version) and a bonus CD with some specialities. Very old demo tapes and unreleased tracks ("The Calling", "Dollars And Cents"), which will carry you in time when the band made its first steps.

Nineties were somehow a golden age for evolution of what is nowadays called modern progressive. We can't deny that. If some bands like Threshold or Vanden Plas at that time began to mix progressive touches in their classic heavy metal basement, Enchant started to do the opposite. They were very much influenced by progressive bands such as Rush or Marillion, straight from the beginning. Especially Doug's guitar is very familiar to Alex Lifeson's (Rush) style. With "A Blueprint Of The World" the band from San Francisco succeeded to offer a fresh product that is delivering a new, unique and recognizable creation.

You can't predict in any of the songs what will happen next. This band just lets ideas to flow. Music knowledge never dominates the emotions that are bursting out. Aggressive eruptions are perfectly incorporated into slower or acoustical parts of the songs (for example "Nighttime Sky"). This makes "A Blueprint Of The World" a very dynamic release. Throughout entire record we can find a lot of dramatic conclusions that are raising the atmosphere to the highest level.

This is one of those records that can be listened for a dozen times and you can always find something new inside. Enchant will immediately pull you in. Melancholic compositions. "Thirst" opening motive on keyboards, where drums are added in the background of the song, shows what great talent this band has.

Other songs like "Catharsis", "Oasis", "At Death's Door" (the highest peak of the record), "Acquaintance" and "Nighttime Sky" will one by one put you in front of a hard decision which one to choose as your favourite. All of them are real strong expressions and will convince you that Enchant are not just one of those bands were only the money talks. All instruments are in great balance; none of them ever over-dominates the other. I like especially fat melodic bass guitar line that together with the drums make a very dynamic ambient throughout entire record. As they were playing together for all the eternity.

I highly recommend "A Blueprint Of The World" to all of you who like bands as Rush, Dream Theater, Shadow Gallery, I.Q., Marillion. And of course all the others who like all sorts of new music challenges and its style approaches.

Author:   Ale¹

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