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Kataklysm - "The Prophecy (Stigmata Of The Immaculate)"
Nuclear Blast 2000

Mythological phoenixlike Kataklysm arose on the ashes of Victims Of This Fallen World fresh and rejuvenated. The band has finally taken the measure of lyrics thus its ideological confusion and administered us with clean production and eclectic supersonic fury. Altough it must be admitted that Kataklysm have successfully integrated pseudo-mainstream melodic patterns in the second half of the full length, yet as far as i am concerned The Prophecy leaves me emotionally neutral. Especially because of it lacks the inspiration and agression of the first few seconds. Is the emperor naked and nobody told him? Not in the least, however it must be said that this is not the same schizofrenic death metal that brought them reputation and respect. Vocal extremity and hyperblast demonstrated on Temple Of Knowledge and Northern Hyperblast Live are now definitely past. The Prophecy is urban death and even though its lack of previous grind/death hostility it will not shiver warm hearts of the teens nor permit any form of mesmerising catarsity.

Reprise allowable? The answer is yes but expounded with ideally sophisticated vision and rawer uncompromising music.

Author:   Yesper

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