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Enchant - "Blink Of An Eye"
InsideOut/SPV 2002

This is the band's heaviest and most compact release up to date for sure. It offers guitars pushed more in front. All compositions were written by Doug Ott and also the keyboards were mainly played by him. Well, a new different heavier sound wasn't something that original Enchant member Paul Craddick would follow, so he left the band. Drumwheel is now safely in Sean Flannagan's hands, and don't worry, rhythm section remains still 100% "enchantized".

Once again I'm amazed by how strong the new release is. Record still carries all band's uniqueness, marvelous collision of all diverse sections inside songs, unpredictable guitars with free and easy "off road jumps", groovy and funky beating rhythm section through entire record, that won't take a break even for "a blink of an eye". So we have again a complete "enchantized" product full of sincerness and freedom that can be felt through energy which radiates out of the band's music. Ted's soulful singing is taking a good care of keeping the atmosphere on a high level. A final touch of band's perfection.

Band's lyrics are searching for answers behind the eye curtain. To experience your own "wizard", who sleeps inside you, your teacher, your "real you" or my "real me". An alter ego inside each of us. So, heavy opener "Under Fire" peacefully talks about complete unnecessity of having an army. "Monday" (for me a highlight song) talks about misery of living a life (due to our fears) into frames that are dictated by masses. "Ultimate Gift" is revealing the feeling of reaching supreme love and happiness and a simple will to share both with everything that surrounds you. About the moment when you're awakening your "wizard" who sleeps inside you and balance your materialistic ego with him. "Invisible" talks about creating/destructing universal energy (information) that turn the wheels of eternity and that those information just circulate and are eternally restored, recycled in order to be rebuilt in new shapes in new dimensions in no-time and no-place. "A Seeds Of Hate" serves information about how we are building bridges between us when trying to do our best in following the masses. "Despicable" is taking a question over the right of parental logical possession to rule over children's lives. A sort of unconscious parental tyranny.

Do you want some more aggression? Then try to get the limited edition. Instrumental piece "Prognosis" is a complete powerful guitar drive with another great middle section. "Blink Of An Eye" is for sure one of the progressive highlights of the year. Don't miss it!

Author:   Aleš

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