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Saxon - "Forever Free (1992, re-release)"
SPV 2002

A great return of the eagles with the "Solid Ball Of Rock" made them lustful and hungry again. So boys returned to the studio very soon to record a new release that delivers exactly what is expected from such an act. With "Forever Free" Saxon didn't invent something new. There is no use in making experiments as it was done with "Destiny". "Forever Free" is a release that follows the Saxon legacy from the early to mid eighties. In other words, another standard Saxon classic. An expected "Solid Ball Of Rock" follower.

The opener "Forever Free" with its main riff, immediately pulls you inside Saxon uniqueness. You can enjoy once again some killer pieces as (beside the opener "Forever Free") "Hole In The Sky", Get Down And Dirty", "One Step Away", "Nighthunter" or "Cloud Nine".

"Just Wanna Make Love To You" is a straight portion of Rock'n'roll and is perfectly fitted into entire record. It is a cover song, which shows where the band’s roots come from.

The record presents what fans and all who are in love with that kind of music could only wish for. Pure Saxon at simply doing what they do best. The boys did a great job as individuals, leaded once again by great and always recognizable Byff's vocals. Music is very much alive and the sound is full. On this record we can find once again great rhythm lines (not only in passages) and superb guitar work of both guitarists.

"Iron Wheels" cuts the record into two pieces. This is not a heavy metal striker (some of you could think so due to its title), but a great acoustic ballad song with emotional Byff's vocals in front.

Re-release includes also two unreleased bonus tracks. These are two live recordings that were done on band's worldwide tours in 1994 and 1995. The first is eternal crusher "Princess Of The Night" which is always included in the band's set list. The other is "Forever Free". When you will listen to them both, you will be once again astonished by how strong the Saxon are as a live act.

A new-fashioned "Forever Free" more than just satisfies my ego and I hope that it will do the same for you. Beside that this CD is special (lower) priced.

Author:   Ale¹

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