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W.A.S.P. - "Dying For The World"
Metal Is Records 2002

Uauu, a new record! How nice of you, Blackie. "Kill. Fuck. Die." Was the band's complete miss. I don't know what boys wanted to express those days by releasing it, but with "Helldorado" and "Unholy Terror" they made a comeback to their roots, despite of the fact that on "Unholy Terror" we can still find some strange adventures as, for example, the song "Charisma". But now I can proudly conclude that "Dying For The World" completely returns the band back to their golden era. They are safe once again under cover of the golden eighties. Well, I won't say that this is a comeback album, the comeback began with "Helldorado" and now it is finished with "Dying For The World". This album is a pure W.A.S.P. product that can be easily compared with band's classics as "The Crimson Idol" or "Headless Children".

From the straight beginning of the record the song "Shadow Man" offers you that well known Blackie's production. It contains everything that enthroned W.A.S.P. in the eighties except for that half tuned conclusions in the main riff, which by no means harm the piece in terms that it would loose some of it's dynamics or would go harder into your ears. If the opener won't convince you, the next song surely will. "My Wicked Heart" is a hundred percent W.A.S.P. The band at it's best. This is it. This time, Blackie didn't invite Ken Hensley to play the keyboards. He completed all Hammond organ lines by himself.

In the booklet you will find Blackie's liner notes, and a story about the making of the record. "My Wicked Heart", "Hell For Eternity" (uauuuu, what a crazy ride this song has, this is real hellish crystal clear W.A.S.P.), "Revengance", "Stone Cold Killers" and “Rubber Man" are pieces that will drive you crazy. Well known easy straight open "loose" power riffs (straight high voltage power drive), easy drum rollings, always carefully doublefooted drum kicking, everything well spiced by backgrounded Hammond organ and of course done without any music complications at all. New W.A.S.P. product just simply flows into your ears.

I think that with "Dying For The World" all fans finally got a W.A.S.P. record that will fully satisfy their hunger after unfortunate "Kill. Fuck. Die" release and all those years of waiting.

That Blackie got a bit more serious confirm a slightly psychedelically touched "Black Bone Torso", a ballad "Hallowed Ground" (you will meet this song in a complete acoustical version once again as an als song on the record) and "Trail Of Tears", which talks about genocide that was done by U.S. federal army over the Indians. These are the pieces where band slows down the tempo of the record.

Well dear W.A.S.P. fans, you finally got it. A real W.A.S.P. But after all, I must admit, that this album offers nothing special. We can hear the same motives once again for the hundredth time. W.A.S.P. just are what they are. And I'm glad. This is the point where the band is the strongest and can convince the masses at any time. And I think that this is the reason enough to say that they are marching once again in the right direction. In other words, according to the tittle’s ("Dying For The World") many possible interpretations, the band died to stay alive. It is reborn again and ready to kick some ass.

Author:   Ale¹

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