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Behemoth - "Thelema.6"
Avantgarde records 2000

After Behemoth's Satanica, which is a very good album in my opinion, I was almost disappointed because of their decision to evolve in Black/Death direction. But with Thelema they managed to prove that they are on the right path even to skeptics like myself.

Thelema is an absolute masterpiece. All the instruments were played with absolute precision. The sound is clear, almost cold and the production is the same as on Satanica. The music itself is totally unpredictable: constant rhythm changing, unexpected slow parts, sudden ending of Pan Satyros, Nergal's shouting at the end of the CD and so on. That's the charm of Thelema. Lyrics are also similar to those on Satanica, only this time they have mostly been written by Nergal. I should mention one song in particular - 23 (The youth manifesto), which differs from the rest of the songs (musically and by concept also). I think I don't need to write much about it as the title says it all. You will find a short story next to every lyric in which Nergal explains what's the song about or what inspired him to write it. The guys certainly did a great job. Even the cover looks fantastic.

If I had to grade this album, Thelema would get all the points, there are no doubts about it so I recommend it to all true metalheads.

Author:   Anja

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