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Iron Savior - "Condition Red"
Noise/Sanctuary 2002

So, they finally made a step forward. After last two more or less boring releases Piet Sielck succeeded in making a very live album, with diverse songs. Kai Hansen left Iron Savior. But that was only good for the band, to finally take a whole breathe and strike with full force.

That Iron Savior reminds very much on Gamma Ray or Blind Guardian (between their "Tales From The Twilight World" and "Imaginations From The Other Side" era) is nothing new. Piet Sielck, a grandfather or "Noe" of German heavy metal scene from Hamburg helped in giving birth to Helloween (as he formed in 1977 a band called "Gentry" with Kai), helped Blind Guardian in production and also always performed back vocals for them. He was always very close with Gamma Ray activities. When you are listening to Iron Savior there is no surprise that their back vocals sounds like Blind Guardian's or Gamma Ray's. And the same story is with passages of double guitar work. I'm talking about this because Iron Savior is a young band and somebody could unfortunately say that they're stealing the ideas from Gamma Ray, Blind Guardian or Helloween. If somebody thinks so, I also dare to think opposite. Piet is an old bone, well experienced producer and composer of music.

Double bass line of drums is again in front, but what makes things better from previous releases is that bass guitar work can be finally heard. Riffing is again complete powerful drive. And riffs variable in songs. Brave done double guitar work with recognizable solos of German power metal school. Melancholic choruses, with riff let ring in them, are raising the atmosphere. Vocals also improved. Piet is angry as never before and carries the power through all vocal sequences. Everything is played with great balls. A new release is because of that very alive and for sure the best product from Iron Savior factory up to date. A fresh thing to absorb.

"Condition Red" has again its science-fiction concept. The story will take you through a journey in time when the people of the planet called Atlantis had to build a machine. A giant robot controlled by human brains called "Iron Savior". It will serve to protect the people of Atlantis from near apocalypse and extinction of the race. "Titans Of Our Time" is a right killer for the opener. With no intro, Iron Savior shoots the first ball. But due to its cliché chorus line and bridges in it I was afraid that new "Dark Assault" is here once again. All other songs proved that I was wrong. A compact diverse structured compositions, especially "Condition Red", "Ironbound" and "Thunderbird". Real power metal killers with great riffing. Nor a single ballad or a half-ballad can be found.

Limited edition has a nice box package. It contains a poster and a free ticket to visit one of three gigs that are listed on the ticket. But real shit is that they're touring only on northern part of Germany. O.K. Anyway, the reason why it's nice to get the limited edition is that it contains two great bonus tracks. "I Will Be There" the another Iron Savior invention and a cover song "Crazy" (Seal) which was geniously done.

This release will satisfy all power metal maniacs that are in love with North German classic heavy metal stuff based on Judas Priest legacy. Full force!!!

Author:   Ale¹

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