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Manowar - "Warriors Of The World"
Nuclear Blast 2002

It was a long waiting. But after a long decade it finally arrived! I am speaking about a new album by "mighty defenders of steel", Manowar. Not a surprise that "Warriors Of The World" is the name of their new release. So many great expectations and speculations but after all I was wet at the end. Let's start with the cover where all began. Sure, I was thinking if they were serious by the allegoric meaning of this great artwork, because some may disagree with the message it holds. It was drawn for one purpose, to represent the great spirit of American nation which is sooo friendly, justice full, good- natured and democratic (especially). But some of us are not as blind as they may think and we have quickly discovered the face of tyranny and founder of the new world order. Yes, we shall fight for freedom and justice but without American eagle who sold their faith to the illuminati's. So, to me this cover represents the actual fall of mankind and its march under United States' domination. It should be better for this band to stay with their women-humiliating attitude.

Enough of taunting against secondary things. For me it was always their music with its golden top-indescribable "The Triumph Of Steel" which took me under their flag. I wasn't expecting a new triumph but I have already told you that I was disappointed and I will not hide you anymore. Yes, it is a bad album, however it is not horrible, but far from their standards. Aside of the good opener "Call To Arms" and last four songs it is pretty sad and strange that they didn't show more of a real metal as they call themselves - the metal kings. Songs such are "Nessun Dorma" where Eric sang like retired old man or "The March" where I almost feel asleep as I forgot for a moment that I was listening to a metal band and not to one of Wagner's operas. Not a single guitar or drums there, even the big boss Joey didn't show off with his famous bass-guitar solo. Ouch! The worst song "An American Trilogy" was a real pain to my ears. Imagine a dixie, southern rock, fulfilled with praises to illuminati's in Lynyard Skynyard fashion and you know what I am talking about. And it is performed by a band which took a holy war against rock'n'roll, wimps and posers. As it is sad after all that I must also inform you that Eric's vocal went down after "Louder Than Hell".

And when I almost get mad, they have finally showed their true face and started with the real powerful metal as they were supposed to play. With the eighth song "Warriors Of The World United" they are back again. But to late! Even the best titles "Hand Of Doom", "House Of Death" and "Fight Until We Die" were not enough to improve the bleak feeling that was left after the end, so I got a feeling that I was watching one of those old westerns where John Wayne always defeats the bad guys and along with a babe rides to the sunset. So, to everyone who like good power metal I would not recommend this crap, but to all Manowar`s warriors I would just say: "Please, don't sell us shit anymore."

Author:   Peter

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