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U.D.O. - "Man And Machine"
Breaker Records, SPV 2002

Rebirth of the dinosaurs. A legend about Accept continues. Udo Dirkschneider and his gang won't step out of their music frames even for an inch. So "Man And Machine" is a travel back in time into early eighties, when Accept marched side by side with Judas Priest. But Priest are experimenting all the time, while U.D.O. are still an Accept's legacy. So everything was done as it was expected. Pure heavy metal basic lesson was given once again. Yet another great release with opened heavy riffing with well known Gibson's electric guitar sound and "Devastator's" vocals in front, of course. Full driving force of high voltage new release is cut in two pieces due to a fifth song called "Dancing With An Angel". Soft and smooth half ballad was done by Udo and Doro on vocals as a duet. Very nice.

Hm, what about the rhythm line? Lorenzo Milani is a new guy in the band, joining on drums. Great work was done. He plays all sort of different bridges with great using of double bass pedal that is never overforced. He chooses the right moment when to strike double bass. Beside that he also owns a great feeling for covering his drum work with cymbals. So Udo as a well experienced producer used Lorenzo's drumming very well. Snare is well heard and gives wide soundfull beat that fills the music space perfectly.

Udo got the idea for the title track, when he was observing his fourteen years old daughter playing computer games and spending all her daytime behind the monitor. Udo did his back vocals in all choruses again to add even more dynamics into songs. All songs are very alive.

Solos are done with a lot of pull offs and slides. A hard three finger grips of both guys, a typical eighties style. Both guitars always pay a great concern to keep the melody full. Feeling is the most important thing, I completely agree with that. Solos are easy structured. This is a basic need when you are a part of Udo's team. To keep all iron heaviness and voltage. A lot of guitar duels are present in those lead breaks. I especially like duels in "Unknown Traveler" where acoustic lead breaks are combined with distorted ones. Intro riff is done by electric guitars on compressor effect, this sound is slightly pushed behind, and leaving more room for acoustic rhythm in front. Great pre-chorus and then we are joining a heavy chorus riff. A great structured piece.

So this is another Udo's classic that will satisfy all fans. Another breaking release of unbreakable man, a man of steel and a true metal heart who just can't let you down.

Author:   Aleš

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