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Trans-Siberian Orchestra - "Beethoven's Last Night"
SPV 2002

After two releases with happy Christmas concepts they are back with "Beethoven's last night". During the creation of his tenth symphony, Beethoven simply lays his head on a grand piano and slips on the other side. I expected too much. Well less sugar is added but is that a reason enough for not being critical? Unfortunately not.

On the new release we can find the whole "Savatage" line up from 1997, child choir, ten different lead vocals, violins, violas, cellos, what more can we ask for? Even this can't help much. Non-emotional cliché product, with determination to pull some money from people's pockets but offers completely nothing. Shame on you.

All those motives were heard a million times. Nothing new but this is even not important. Everything is made without any balls. Guitars are back-grounded, not a single solo was made, (we have Caffery and Pitrelli on guitars, don't forget that). Keyboards are main instruments that runs the show. Bass guitar can be detected only from time to time (mainly in intros). Drums are playing only the main rhythm, bridges are a very rare thing to face with. A boring product with complete lack of creativity. Ups, is this possible Mr. Oliva and Mr. O'Neill?

A strictly commercial trick. Is it possible that Trans-Siberian Orchestra is treating the world as so naive? Perhaps success is guaranteed in USA. Every single tune goes straight into your ear. Every single tune is so predictable.

What nerves me at most are the motives that were already covered for a hundred times, and are covered by Trans-Siberian Orchestra again. Mozart's, Beethoven's and Rimsky-Korsakov's. "Fur Elise" a motive that is grand piano beginner's exercise in all music schools. And even "Flight Of The Bumblebee" again. Every beginner's exercise how to get quick and clean finger grip on the guitar.

So I better recommend to enjoy original Mozart's, Beethoven's or Rimsky-Korsakov's creations or to put into your CD-player Edith Piaff. I am sorry but listening to Trans-Siberian Orchestra has the same effect as taking a sleeping pill.

Author:   Ale¹

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