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Motörhead - "Hammered"
SPV 2002

Maybe Lemmy listened to his doctor after "no sleep 'till heart attack" and took a medical treatment to slow down his song writing. But we all know that he only listens to his Rock'n'roll doctor. So another real Motörhead release is here. It includes everything you want and everything you need.

Some of you are expecting another speedy thing. Wrong. With word "Hammered" Mr. Kilmister means a very unusual state of mind caused by too much alcohol and drugs that are being digested. So you become hammered. And the band was hammered during their songwriting. Are you surprised?

The opener "Walked A Crooked Mile" is a very beautiful song. I would say even to beautiful for "Motörhead". It's chorus is a whole classic. Even Lemmy's vocal is almost clean, covered with some back vocals in it. The bass line of the song is punky and in "Down The Line" the end of main riff also. But very fluid. Otherwise, all songs are very fluid for listening (and headbanging of course). But when you approach to the song number ten, there is a killer speed song "Red Row". If this would be the opener, my impression that this release is slower than the previous "Motörhead" outputs, would immediately disappear.

Lyrics are a real candy again. Lemmy talks about sex (a lot of course), alcohol and politics again. He is revealing shit of the real world we're living in. A big piece to think about. You can choose between being a crowd or to be what you were created for (to be yourself). Second thing means freedom.

Pounds like hell as Mikkey punches the drums. In between mid-tempo parts Mikkey is taking a chance to demonstrate some great rollings and bridges. Again a great performance Mikkey!

At the end we have "Serial Killer", a Lemmy's narrative. Rough vocal and heavy Lemmy's breathing in between verses are talking about how our old friend Death is leading us to the shallow graves. Just cruel destiny remains. And it chooses over and over.

Here we have another proof of what true "Bastards" are. Non-compromise rock'n'roll that contains well known sound. This are true "Motörhead". So "Hammered" is emergency need for all of you. If we compare that only three guys are achieving a headblowing thundering voltage and on the other hand think about stars like "Pink Floyd", who need help of 20 musicians (on studio recordings or tour) to achieve what they want, I just must lay down my weapons and be thankful that those three guys are "Motörhead".

Author:   Ale¹

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