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Grave Digger - "Tunes Of Wacken"
G.U.N. Records 2002

Diggers are coming live at last! Well, this release was surely forced by ex-Grave Digger record company, due to contract between company and the band. Poor booklet tells you everything. Nuclear Blast hardly gave permission to G.U.N. records to use photos of their new band under new contract, and the band also didn't get permission to play tracks from their latest release "The Grave Digger".

But let us leave those wicked games and talk strictly about music. This is real alive release with no polishing at all. Well, don't play intro too loud on your speakers because after Manni's first guitar lick in "Scotland United" it will blow your heads off!

The band did very well in using the opportunity to make this live recording in Wacken Open Air in front of always faithful home crowd. After we enter a journey through six headbanging songs, we can "relax" a bit during band's performance of "The Ballad Of Mary (Queen Of Scots)".

What can I say about Chris singing? Great, as on original studio releases. He had some problems when band performed "Knights Of The Cross" and "Lionheart". But who cares at all, when you can trust such a great public that follows your singing in every moment of a gig.

Manni plays his solos like studio originals only on intros and outros. So a fellow took some freedom and blazed out all lead breaks on his own. Great performance. Thank you Manni and welcome on board again!

It's a real pity that band got a chance to play only for an hour. From the old stuff we can hear only "Heavy Metal Breakdown". Every single song is punched with real balls. Hell is in Wacken, burns everything that crawls around when Grave Digger appears on stage. I'm sure that these aren't the last band's words in live performing. The next step is definitely Digger's double live release, of course under normal circumstances.

It is hard to imagine how to make a more alive release. Band and crowd collides as one. So there is only one thing left for me to say: "Come, grab and dig in Tunes Of Wacken!"

Author:   Aleš

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