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Motörhead - "Stone Deaf Forever!"
Sanctuary Records 2003

Oh, how I love this band! A giant box, 5CDs fully loaded with motorstuff, incredible 60pages booklet full of tremendous rare photos, memorabilia and essay, plus exclusive concert poster. Altogether 99 songs, among them 19 never issued before on a CD. This historic cross-section gathers under the same flag newly recruited fans and the rest of band's die-hards. From classic motörbombs Overkill, Bomber, totemic bloody Ace Of Spades (again), Iron Fist, Shine, Killed By Dead, Dr Rock, Eat The Rich, up to pulverizing Orgasmatron, Sacrifice...Well it makes no fuckin' sense to continue. All in one, this package of Motor jewels is an absolute must for all who want it straight, quick, nasty and effective rock'n'roll kick in the ass.

The story is well known. Brave, always sincere to their hearts with strong self-commitment to win their cause, never mind for other's opinion, especially from those bastards who tried to bring them down for what they are. Blasting rock'n' roll scanning you through skin and bones. Nothing else is needed. With main motorman Lemmy and his defined Rickenbecker twanging bass sound and style that is basic chunk from where this giant beast of rock did came from. Always gutsy, extremely loud with huge eruptive energy that always makes you wanna break your balls.

This collection carries highlights of band's carrier taken from all their studio and live albums. And you can feel and see a band that was really nasty ego-centric and ignorant throughout eighties, getting bit more serious through nineties up to presence, a later period that is encircled with songs such as Walked A Crooked Mile, I Ain't No Nice Guy or Listen To Your Heart. As canceller Lemmy recently admits about those later new integrations in band's spirit penned under influence of: "My Beatle-period, you know!" Every motor line up offered special magic, always recognizable and unique, always sincerely living the rock culture on their own fuckin' way. And that's what motörthing is all about.

And interesting "reinvented" stuff is? Most impressive take that was added on this compilation is Orgasmatron 2000 (internet download). It is played in a bit slower fashion than we are used to hear. It captures real huge atmosphere of a huge sound that only Motörhead can produce. Passages without vocals are in this version a real midnight special, where you can hear Lemmy yelling all kind of words, among them also: "Hamas, Hamas!" in order to magnify through these extra lenses the message of this fantastic song. Also a real candy are four Peel Session songs from 1978 I'll Be Your Sister, Tear Ya Down, Louie Louie and Keep Us On The Road. What will also make you extremely happy are "BBC Sessions" '80ties versions of Live To Win and Like A Nightmare all done by vintage three pieced motor line up. Even more raging and powerful are takes from "BBC Sessions '86" of orgasmic Killed By Death, Deaf Forever, Orgasmatron (with spoken word by Lemmy, of course), Orgasmatron and Dr Rock. Extra never issued before live material included on a fifth (live) CD has true filthy bootlegged sound screaming all the amazing charge that will pulverise your asses. Among them you'll find also catchy C.Berry's cover Nadine from 1982.

This fantastic 5CD painkiller will surely ease your hunger and help you to hold on till June '04 when new studio Motor album will shake your bones! Story continues, no left no right and no fakes. Just bloody rock'n 'roll spirit and soul of a bloody best rock'n' roll band in the world. "Stone Deaf Forever!" Play it loud, but not to loud even when you think there are no limits for loudness in rock. There are no hearing doctors that will help you escape from bringers of this headshaking madness that sound so real! For heaven's sake I am talking too much, fuck all those government health warnings! Every household should experience once in a lifetime a feeling of being stone deaf forever! A real cure for all of ya!

Author:   Ale¹

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