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Arthemis - "Golden Dawn"
Underground Symphony 2003

This is convincible, band has guts and they proved it with this exciting new album. Excellent and constant changes, tones of epic heroic melodies that immediately invade the ears, fantastic singing, and fluid switches between gutsy guitar riffs accompanied with real powerful voltage rhythm drive of double footed battering. Highly trained vocal of M. Kiske's caliber is convincible and blisters especially in the highest sequences, bringing in beautiful contrasts along with imaginative double twin harmonies from Celtic, classic up to oriental melodic motives. A lot of picking over riffs on every step they take. Album contains throughout nicely crafted solos ornamented with tasty fade ins/outs. Fire Set AS Free is opener and this song proves from first riff that Italians offer everything that good power metal needs.

What's the rest of material? The End Of The World has an opening guitar lick and first riff laid over drumbeat that is familiar to song Knights Of The Cross from Grave Digger. Mid tempo melodic song The Traveler and fast hammer attack The Master Of Souls (with fade in drum bridge that reminds on Motorhead's Sacrifice) will make happy all Nocturnal Rites fans. One of the atmospheric highlights is caught in mid tempo Arthemis with typical "call for battle" rhythm drive. This song contains very impressive oriental powerful riffs and is also ornamented with guitar harmonies and solos driven in same vein, with singing that brings in fantastic contrast. The Axe Is Coming is a song with great mood change between typical power metal supersonic speedy drive in pre-chorus that tasty and fluidly runs into more complex assembled chorus. This song also contains some imaginative mid eight loops that sound slightly in a progressive metal vein. I found one weaker point on whole record. And it is title song. Remember Helloween song Forever And One (Neverland)? Title song is not far from that. It is ballad with bluesy rhythm basics. A classic move of trying to change the dynamic and mood of a record which unfortunately results in making a copy of hundred of copies.

Anyway, "Golden Dawn" is a real fistful of dynamite and true millennium power metal from head to its feet. Gutsy all the way showing Arthemis are on a right path towards perpetual progression. There is surely a lot to come from this band in the future. All lovers of first class power metal rock welcome home!

Author:   Aleš

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