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Iron Maiden - "Rock In Rio"
EMI 2002

"Live After Death" was polished. On "A Real Death Live One" Steve used some ugly tricks of putting together drums and guitars from different shows. "Live At Donnington" was also repaired. For example: at Donnington Bruce completely failed in first chorus of "The Evil That Man Do" and of course we can't hear that. So "Rock In Rio" is a real live concert at last. Sound is phenomenal and is proving that all guys did an excellent job.

Best rhythm section of eighties McBrain/Harris is pounding real high again. Jazzer Nicko behind the drum wheel and of course without using a double bass (sometimes I can't erase my feelings that he uses it) is showing who's the boss again. The whole production of Kevin "Caveman" Shirley brings the sound very close to "Live After Death" days. Bruce's vocals reminds me of that golden eighties period and his screams can be well heard again ("Dream Of Mirrors", "Run To The Hills", "The Trooper", "The Evil That Man Do").

"The Evil That Man Do" is surely the best live version from all up to date official Iron Maiden's live releases. "Rock In Rio" festival was visited by 250000 crazy fans. Sometimes crowd's singing really obscures Bruce's vocals (on "Run To The Hills" for example). At every single well known Bruce's move the crowd begins to roar and shakes the ground, thus keeps the atmosphere real high through entire show. A real candy and the absolute highlight is the "Sign Of The Cross". Fast parts (especially at the end of a song) are played in a much faster way than on official studio release. This is well known Maiden's strategy of their live gigs. All those bridges that follow one after another, are played always a bit different showing again Nicko at his best.

There is only one thing I'm not happy about. The set list. Set list of 19 tracks which include six tracks (surely too much) from Maiden's latest release "Brave New World". And this band's decision left only a little empty space for some good old Maiden's surprises. So what we have here (again) is another live versions of "Two Minutes To Midnight", "The Trooper", "The Number Of The Beast", "Wrathchild", "Fear Of The Dark", Hallowed Be Thy Name". As I think a bit of the set list from previous "Ed Hunter" tour when the band played "Aces High", "Powerslave", "Phantom Of The Opera", "Killers" or "Wasted Years", I always become a little bit disappointed when listening to "Rock In Rio".

Author:   Aleš

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