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Dope Stars Inc - "10.000 Watts Of Artificial Pleasure, EP"
self-produced 2003

When I put this EP into CD player I felt as a dinosaur lost in a new world of cyber machine empire. I am really getting old and losing my feet of the ground. Clash between industrial and classic metal riffing drives. Computerized drums and keyboards, robotized vocals through sound effects. Well the fact is that I am nod to the old school and a guy who stick to traditional rock sounds and styles, but I must admit, that I am positively surprised over Dope Stars Inc. Imagine a clash between W.A.S.P. and "Robocop". Four songs on this EP are picturing nice dynamical contrast.

What's the stuff? Second song Generation Plastic is atmospheric mid-tempo journey with cybernetic vocals and pivotal easily structured one string melody that was laid over massive guitar riffing. Drum machine makes tasty contrast in song. This ultra melodic song is a remarkable counter point to more destructible opening of a title track. What follows then is faster continuing of third song Plug And Die. Fast beat opening fully surrounded with synthetic "digi-tronics". Than atmospheric massive guitar opened riffing breaks in and refrain truly reminds again by vocal and melody lines on W.A.S.P. This song has actually two sides of one story. Pre-chorus is very obscured because of filtered multi-harmonized robotic vocals, but in chorus band offers fluid glam fashioned drive of adrenaline rush. Song captures stark moody contrasts everywhere.

Forth song is exciting version of song Shock To The System (orig. performed by B. Idol) driven in fashion of previous thee songs what takes us to conclusion, that Dope Stars Inc are truly making something different in music. This could be their winning formula if they'll continue in set directions. Music is very linear, simple and therefore offers huge kicks of high voltage that make you "wanna twist". Dope Stars Inc are very interesting band for all those, who are not afraid to step across border lines fixed in their mind drives. If you are looking for heavy metal sound, Dope Stars Inc will answer with question: "How about some Judas Priest and their Turbo album?" I mean "10.000 Watts Of Artificial Pleasure" is a brave experiment of a new age as "Turbo" was in eighties. But if I head on further with comparisons I just might think about very funny band that appeared in late eighties called Sigue Sigue Sputnik. It is obvious that good and nasty provocation always brings popularity, good or bad. And Dope Stars Inc knows that very well. Good luck boys!

Author:   Aleš

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