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Edguy - "King Of Fools, EP"
Nuclear Blast 2004

"King Of Fools" is highly important EP for all Edguy fans. Title song is accompanied with for songs that won't be included on band's forthcoming new studio album. King OF Fools is a mid tempo song which is nothing special at all. It follows band's basic songwriting frame consisted of two choruses, two pre-choruses, one mid-eight, plus another chorus. Everything is penned under Edguy's usual trademarks. King Of Fools is Edguy's short melodic classic, with expressive chorus, melodic passages, double twin harmonies and as usual fantastic Tobi's singing. All in all pure power metal attack full of pedantry in song's assembling. What slightly divides title song from the rest of material is a bit sharper sound production, with angrier pre-chorus riffing and vocal lines as usual, but still with typical Edguy chorus. The rest of material, with exception of last song, is close to what band offered with "Mandrake" (2001). So we can assume that bonus material is represented by tracks that by sound production or maybe even stylistically somehow does not fit to forthcoming new studio effort. These thoughts appeal that new album might be quite interesting and exciting new story from this young excellent power metal band.

Songs contain everything that this band already delivered with it's past works. A stark contrasts between powerful "Kiske meets Dickinson" singing, with fantastic addition of multiplied back vocal layers, double footed drum galloping and powerful melodic riffing. After all Edguy still represents a nice junction of eighties and nineties Helloween (speaking very general).

There are nice ambient contrasts between rest of material on this record. More happy oriented New Age Messiah, is followed by nice mid tempo atmospheric songs The Savage Union and Holy Water. Last one is especially outstanding by it's overall caught mood.

Last song called Life And Times Of A Bonus Track takes a curve away from what band offered with this EP. It is sarcastic song where grand piano basics are driven in vein of All That I Bleed (Savatage). But the effect is different, because of Tobi's intentional dissonant singing. Song proves that boys do have a lots of fun when they are in studio. With exception of the title track, almost every next song contains at least one word that starts with "f".

"King Of Fools" is an EP that will make happy all die-hards and help them to ease a bit their hard times of waiting for new studio album to arrive.

Author:   Aleš

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